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  1. Just to let you guys know (hi philpem, me again ) Sheffield (Meadowhall) Sony Centre sold their last one yesterday but could be getting more in on Friday. Also, priced at £249.99 with no flexibility and no throwing in of discs. Leeds Sony Centre however are offering them at £229.99 plus two free discs. HTH
  2. Sorry guys, probably a badly worded question. I certainly didn't mean it to be a 'vs.' post either. I suppose what I meant was that as the MZ-RH1 seems to be sold as a low volume 'professional' product then are the components of a better quality than a high volume seller such as Sony's HD offerings? Shoot, it still sounds like a 'vs.' but do you see what I'm getting at? Sound reproduction on my HD seems OK but not much more. I'm digging a hole here, I'll stop Specifically @ stuge, TBH being able to carry around hundreds of tunes certainly isn't a priority. I don't think I've ever gone more than about 5 gig on my HD3 and then usually I end up removing the lot and putting something else entirely different on. Sort of defeats the object I know but hey... And as far as tweaking settings, well yes I do but I always like to think the test is what it sounds like straight out of the box. Again, sorry for the confusion and (seriously) thanks for the welcome
  3. 112 views and no opinions? Welcome to the forum Rich.
  4. Hi guys, first post here so be gentle. And I'm sure that this has been asked before but a quick look around didn't turn anything up so bear with me. I have always been a fan of MD but currently use an NW-HD3 for general use and in the car. The thing is I always find the sound a little 'flat' whichever import or transfer mode I use be it MP3 or Atrac. Would anyone have an opinion as to whether I would be better off getting the MZ-RH1? Is it basically a better bit of kit than the HD Walkman? I know that this is an MD forum and obviously you lot are sold already but an impartial view would be appreciated. I always rated the sound from my old MZ-N710 and I still can't bear to part with it but obviously it's storage capabilties are limited hence this post in the Hi-MD section. Cheers, Richard.
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