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  1. If you want Hi-MD stick with the Onkyos. However, if you want the latest model and are content with SP, take a look at this beauty the UDA77 released by Kenwood in 2009: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=260357799327 You are going to need deep pockets for that, so also check ebay regularly there are always older minidisc units for sale. Good luck.
  2. Certainly when I heard the iPod my ears hurt terribly. But I read that the latest iPod is quite good in sound. I still doubt that Apple have sound quality as one of their main objectives, for them it was always convenience and looks which came first.
  3. Is there any software out there that can mass re-name a whole bunch of PCM files? Let's say you have 100 PCM audio tracks all named 'Untitled 1, Untitled 2' or similar. Can you line up track data which you have made with another program and get it to basically 'fire' the titles corresponding exactly to the lined-up PCM files? I just can't see myself renaming each and every PCM track because my wrist would be killing me.
  4. Yes the RH1 with Sonicstage has an option to upload to Linear PCM (make sure it's PCM and not Atrac3plus 256), after which you then save to WAV. I have never tried it myself as I don't own it and others here can tell you the procedure in more detail. Of course this only applies when transferring to, not from, the PC so you only get 50% functionality at any rate. The good thing about it is that it should transfer the track titles (if any) along with the audio, saves you having to re-title everything. I might get it if just for this purpose only as many others have done. I myself have many hardware units but they are home decks. The professional units have been more difficult to get hold of and go for eye-popping prices on ebay. As for the compressing twice bit (from PC to MD), it's a long story but that's basically the price you pay if you want to keep to SP. Again I don't know the details (and maybe nobody does apart from Sony) but I have read on here countless times that the PC will transcode the data to LP2 first and then again to SP on the unit itself.
  5. If you can find the next model up which is the MDS-PC3 and get hold of a PCLK MN10 unit you can download the latest version of MCrew software (Windows XP compatible). The PCLK MN10 supplies optical outputs and USB connection to the PC. All the MD editor features should be there and perhaps more. I couldn't live without uploading and downloading of track titles into Excel for instance. Have a look here there are other MD units which do exactly what you need but it does mean you will have to buy more equipment. http://www.minidisc.org/sony_pclk_compatability_chart.htm Otherwise get hold of an ancient PC through ebay with the old Windows 98 and it should be fine.
  6. The short answer is that the RH1 cannot send or receive SP from the computer. Yes unbelievable but true, there is no SP legacy codec for the PC. The NetMD transfer mode in Sonicstage can make a disc in 'fake SP' that will play on your old equipment, but it effectively compresses the music twice so forget that one. You're better off sticking to the good old way of recording music using hardware. That's what I do. I have no use for Hi-MD or NetMD so I know where you are coming from. That Denon 1050 you have is an excellent MD unit by the way, I've been looking for one forever. The RH1 will however record SP in real time. That's what Sony meant when it said 'compatible with all legacy formats'. You have to read between their lies (sorry lines) to get the real story.
  7. 1) Sony like to kick their customers in the teeth after they fall on the ground. Somebody should sue these jokers big time. 2) You are a bit of a fool yourself for entrusting your entire collection to only one source. Why didn't you make a back up to another source if the material was so valuable? 3) I don't use Sonicstage for storing anything, all my minidisc material is on discs. See (1).
  8. Say you have PCM files in Sonicstage. Is that PCM now playable (i.e. directly transferable) on any portable such as the iPod and any OS? Or do you have to convert the PCM again to WAV and use that instead?
  9. If you can live without Hi-MD there are still plenty of shops in the UK selling brand new Sony MDS-JE480 decks. Don't know for how much longer though.
  10. It's Sony's policy of telling you to either do all editing solely on the hardware units (completely separate from the PC), or solely in Sonicstage (completely separate from the hardware/USB connection). I think your method involved both hardware and software editing operations at the same time and this resulted in the disastrous (but somewhat predictable) disk error. Maybe if you had recorded in SP mode though the problem would not have occurred? The Hi-MD format seems to have some incredibly notorious DRM built into it.
  11. Does anybody know if there are any cases for storing away huge quantities of minidiscs? There are plenty of CD storage wallets going up to 200CD capacity and I would like to have something similar for my minidiscs. Even something like 8cm mini dvd cases would probably work too, but I can't find any cases for those either.
  12. Could you try taking one picture of all of them stacked together?
  13. Your deck only plays SP Atrac (292 kbps). Your portables (excluding RH1) play SP Atrac, and LP2 (132 kbps). Your RH1 plays all the above including Atrac3plus (64 - 352 kbps). You have to record everything in SP (without Sonicstage, i.e. real-time, or max 4x speed) if you want to use your deck. This is what I do exclusively now.
  14. I was referring more to the editing features, titling dividing combining rearranging.... Although it may be unfair to make such a judgement since Flash isn't supposed to do any of those things I don't think.
  15. By that logic Sony should release this super cool flash memory unit with Hi-MD features, but they have not yet done so. Therefore it can't all be about money. I think you need to accept the fact that Sony is too afraid of giving the people a high quality audio device incorporating the useful features of MD.
  16. It sounds like the thread starter is looking to leave the MD format period. There are some professional (and very expensive) Flash based recorders by Sony and other manufacturers but I don't think they even approach the editing capabilities and portability of Minidisc.
  17. I have to go against the consensus here and suggest that you take the gamble and invest heavily in the MD format. You can now buy portables, decks, and discs at a huge discount to their original prices. The format is for all intents and purposes obsolete and that's good for you. It is for this reason in fact that I decided to seriously stockpile on equipment. There are bargains to be had especially at christmas when everyone is cash constrained and selling their gear like crazy.
  18. As a professional musician I think you would want the best result on transfer. If not the MZ-RH1 then try to find a second hand deck from ebay with digital optical out and then transfer the recording to a PC or CD recorder. You could still go the analogue route but you would have to play around with the settings to get the best signal. Edit - please don't record them again to MP3, it will sound like shit lol. Transfer to WAV which is uncompressed.
  19. I remember reading some threads about this. The basic answer is that the Hi-MD format is simply not 100% fullproof. In a continuous live-recording session such as a concert many users have reported gaps of about a second or less sometimes occurring more than once on the same disc. You should be able to edit the space out though later on. Other than that there is not much you can do.
  20. I still don't see any standalone Blu-ray recorders in the western world. Not 1. So forgive me if I can't get that excited on something that I'll never be able to own or use.
  21. This is very interesting. I was under the impression that digital recordings made through the optical in on the Hi-MD unit using PCM mode would be bit-for-bit identical to the original source? Is it only the portable units which have this 23 setting feature applied to all real-time recordings? I take it that professional CD (MD) recording decks do not suffer from such complications when recording through the optical input. If they did then they would cease to be classified as professional equipment.
  22. Of course it makes sense. Especially as RH1s are now getting rarer than hens teeth. But I would cut out the DVD recorder entirely if the objective is simply to end up with PCM recordings on Hi-MD via optical out. Meaning, take the optical out from an MD deck (I have three) and record in real time onto portable Hi-MD units (I have three). But maybe your setup is different. I never did progress from CD/MD recording decks to DVD recorders so I can't comment on that.
  23. Come on mods are you asleep move the thread to its proper section
  24. I wonder why you think the gap between Standard MD and PCM is so great that it justifies choosing the latter for exclusive use? Do you listen to difficult acoustic material where Atrac is perhaps weak? If I had to use Linear PCM - and I have considered it - along with 1gb discs then I'd probably need to buy hundreds of expensive discs. Is it really worth the time, hassle and money to do that in your opinion?
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