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  1. Thanks! Is this in every branch of Sainsburys, or only a few? Being in London should hopefully mean I should get my hands on a few of them at least.
  2. I bought one of their NH700s, and they delivered the NH600 instead. It was also obviously used and not new like advertised. So I wrote them back and they agreed to change it.
  3. Wouldn't it be great if the remote could insert track marks while playing back as well as while recording. I don't think there is a single device out there that can do it.
  4. I have bought Hi-MD units from this seller before, and while they give great bargains the stock showed signs of being used. But at such low prices nobody can argue. Well done!
  5. I have some minidiscs with albums copied over in mono to save space (i.e. the left and right channels both contain the same information). I was wondering if there are any hi-fi units or portable units that during playback allow you to independently change the bass or treble on each side, thereby creating the illusion of stereo? Alternatively I could of course connect the left and right outputs to two separate inputs on an 8 channel mixer and do it from there, but I would prefer to do everything from one piece of equipment if possible.
  6. When you say bad discs, what exactly do you mean? That the discs become unreadable, or that the shutters break off? I recently got a lot of minidiscs off ebay and many were Maxell. Should I get rid of them?
  7. Atrac3+ at 256kps is good because it keeps decent sound quality as well as gapless. I wonder, when you upload a minidisc to HDD what rate is it converted to? Hi-SP? PCM? Or even as is (Atrac SP)? The issue with slow speeds of transfer sounds like my Aiwa mindisc Hi-Fi, which prohibited 4x copying of MD if the CD had already been copied over once before. It wouldn't allow another hi-speed copy for 1 hour. Keep trying and you might get it to work, it must be one of those stupid leftover remnants of NetMD I would imagine.
  8. I got the same package from ebay for $300, so your price seems reasonable. They are extremely rare. Like with any other minidisc unit nowadays it is either going to be very cheap or very expensive. I would think the MZ-R5ST falls into the latter category.
  9. Your local Sony store should have them. Have you tried to look there? Maybe you will have to try a few stores but I am sure at least some of them will have the discs in-stock.
  10. All of these older units sound superior to the newer ones. Probably has something to due with the size, which means more hardware and circuitry. I have the R37 which takes two AA bateries inside the unit itself. The sound to this day beats all of the newer models of minidisc players. Edit - I should add the superior sound for the older units is on playback. Recording wise it is probably more in favour of the newer models, because the version of Atrac compression has progressed through the years.
  11. Good advice. I was wondering what blu-ray recorder you are using?
  12. I think I must have pasted this link a few times by now. Could you please verify to see if Sony UK are in fact selling the JE780 like they claim to? http://www.sony.co.uk/product/hfc-minidisc-player I have seen the JE480 in store although not the JE780, but they could still be selling this. It would be nice to know for sure what's happening.
  13. If only you had the old DAT recorders, they could record digitally at PCM for 120 minutes non-stop. And tape doesn't get erased as easily as pushing a wrong button. I kind of feel bad now selling my Sony TCD-D8, never could quite get into the feel of it.
  14. Excellent news. It looks like a fantastic model doesn't it, assuming you only intend to stick to legacy MD. Please tell us of your opinion once it arrives, I am particularly interested in the high speed transfer of MDs to the hard disc which supposedly can be anything up to 20x the speed of real time uploading. Hopefully you will get an english manual with it, although I remain doubtful since it's a japanese only model.
  15. 1) MZ-RH1 + PC 2) Minidisc deck with digital output to PC sound editor (or CD recorder) 3) Minidisc deck with analogue output to PC sound editor (or CD recorder)
  16. Wow, this thread is ancient how on earth did you find it? Why not post some pics of the case.
  17. There's still hope. Sony UK are selling the MDS-JE780 with digital out and keyboard connection. http://www.sony.co.uk/product/hfc-minidisc-player/mds-je780 As for the MDS-W1 double deck, good luck finding it. On ebay they probably appear twice a year.
  18. £35 for the unit tops £15 for the discs and case I think the most you could get for the lot if you waited patiently would be £60. Minidiscs are finished and people are moving on from it just like you are.
  19. I actually think Sony has executed the perfect strategy. In whatever they do, MD, Hi-MD, Atrac devices, they always strike a balance between providing a quality device and forcing a degree of inconvenience upon the consumer. The pros and cons of all their products are thus perfectly matched. Hi-MD had so much going for it that the balance had to be restored by Sony. This has resulted in the continued dominance of MD over Hi-MD.
  20. Some people - who are admittedly a minority - just prefer to keep the PC totally separate from their main audio equipment. Audiophiles, studio professionals, etc. Real time doesn't really bother them given their setup. For these individuals a dedicated digital out is a necessity in order to integrate with other units.
  21. Another user selling and moving out of the Atrac format. Can't really blame you though, so good luck with the sale.
  22. Sony will always support SP Atrac for its Minidisc technology. That goes for Asia and to some extent Europe. Hi-MD allowed two way transfers, so it had to be restricted. Legacy MD on the other hand only allows one way transfers so it is acceptable for Sony. This is good news for me as I continue to stockpile minidisc equipment. The future looks bright indeed, as long as you restrict yourself to Sony's rules.
  23. Now that's impressive! I don't think I could perform surgery like this on a portable as precious as the DH10 though. However the crippling service mode thing on european units would probably lead me to try.
  24. I take it back. Atraclife lives! but for how much longer...
  25. I just tried it earlier today and it was working. Now it's gone! RIP Atraclife, but we all knew it was coming. I remember reading that the forums would be left open, no chance of that now. Sorry to say it but the site founders don't have too much of integrity to say the least.
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