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Skin Alternatives.


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Hiyo, time for this again. I'm not really keen on Rooq. Too bland, and introducing colors is almost impossible for me as it's such a monotone theme.

I've been looking around and I hit a gold mine:


Within that page there is a drop-down menu [towards the bottom]. The skins I'm most keen on are the "Creamcycle" variants, espesically the Bluberry or Moss in either fixed or fluid or just perhaps Refault. Please reply with your thoughts on this. I would really appreciate it.

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If we must choose, the Creamcycle Bluberry theme is a good alternative to the Renault fluid. By the way, aren't we using Renault fluid at the moment?

I like Creamcycle as well. I may just buy it for myself and not care if anyone else uses it. wink.gif

No, it's the regular invision skin. If you compare both indexes the differences are there, and somewhat not so noticeable.

Sorry to say but I recon there all pretty vomity material if I can be frank.

Although the Rooq skin is a bit bland and colour less, I like it a lot more than any of those skins in the link you posted Chris.

Just my oppinion

I appreciate your honesty. I have no quarrels keeping Rooq here and having more skins.

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A bit late, but -


tanned hide

plum it

creamcycle rose

interesting but not really sure about:

the perl

creamcycle rose would be my favourite there, I think. I find any colour scheme based on blues/whites to be pretty much anaethema to my eyes. I'm just sick of blue blue blue on everything.

Give me nice indigos and purples any day.

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