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Crystal Blue Hi-MD Blanks

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The local Radio Shack here in Seattle had a bunch of them that just came in - and they're already almost out. The sales droid was quite knowledgeable and mentioned that I could order them to deliver to my home, free shipping!

Fry's has a dozen left. On a side note, they had a fresh shipment of MZ-RH(9)10s a few days ago and are now sold out, on back order.


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Just got 5 today @ 4.72 each -- they look great! and arrived very quickly from "Monstronix." They are hard to find via site search function so follow this link:




just received 5 brand new himd 1gb with thatt nice transparent blue!!!!

I used the link above and got them for 4.70something.

Great deal!!!!


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My recently purchased MZ-RH10 has a "crystal blue" in it -- kept it in the shrinkwrap.

The first HiMD discs look like the first generation Sony 60 & 74 min MD -- gray/black and opaque. Glad to see some color come out.


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