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TDK MD | PoSHE, 2005 Series

The 2005 TDK PoSHE series comes in two simple color scheme: Gold and Silver; available in both 74min (with yellow metal shutter) and 80min (with blue metal shutter) variant.

*pictorial under construction; pictures of 74min variant coming soon

gallery_5220_113_63491.jpg  gallery_5220_113_25311.jpg

gallery_5220_113_122915.jpg  gallery_5220_113_15386.jpg

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* Pictorial work in progress from Ishii restored. I will update this one in due course with pictures of the 74 minute discs and the 80 minute 5 pack


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16 hours ago, BearBoy said:

Quite like those. I wonder what PoSHE meant to people in Japan?

I'm not entirely sure -  ポシェ on the wrapper is pronounced as 'posh' and it is in effect a loan word, but I'm not sure if it's used in the same way as in English - to mean high class, luxurious - it could be an allusion to the gold and silver disc colours... In theory I suppose it could also be from the French 'poche' as in small ladies bag.. 

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