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TDK MD | XS-iV Design Line Series


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TDK XS-iV Design Line Series

pictorial under construction ~ coming soon: the Ixkun (Series 1) and Girotondo (Series 2)

TDK Europe's funky range of recordable MiniDiscs named XS-iV (eksésiv). Specially developed with today's fashion-concious MD users in mind, XS-iV is designed to appeal to a younger audience whose active lifestyle is heavily influenced by new technology, music and extreme sports.

TDK's XS-iV features a highly designed livery that is both modern and lively. The colourful outer packaging becomes transparent towards the centre, revealing the triple coloured printing design of the shell itself. The shell is unique too having different colour front and reverse sides. From within the XS-iV range, TDK will issue limited run designer XS-iV MD's starting with three products in the Spring of 2000. The collectable XS-iV series will appear even more extreme and leading Italian designers are already underway with creative idea's.

The MD XS-iV is the latest extension of TDK's comprehensive range of MiniDiscs, which so far includes:

* MD Colour - appealing to different tastes and ideal for colour coded archiving

* MD-RXG - a reference grade MD for all consumer applications

* MD-RXG Pro - a high-end MD for discriminating audiophiles

* MD Studio - a high-end MD for professional applications

*quotes taken from Digital-e

IPB Image

XS-iV Series 1

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

XS-iV Series 2

Following the immense popularity of TDK's first set of Design Line MiniDiscs, Europe's leading blank recording media brand announces the launch of XS-iV Design Line II and once again, only a limited quantity will be available.

Earlier this year, the limited edition Design Line MiniDiscs, created by three top young Italian designers, were launched as part of TDK's XS-iV range. In true cult fashion, the discs were snapped up as soon as they hit the shelves and all 200,000 of each design sold out completely. In response to massive public demand, TDK are introducing a further three exciting designs as part of the ongoing Design Line range. As with the first set of Design Line, each disc will be individually numbered, making them collectable items and reinforcing the cult quality -- a must-have for young, fashion-conscious MiniDiscs lovers.

The XS-iV MiniDisc range is aimed at those who lead an active and excessive lifestyle, where too much is never enough! In line with TDK's current sponsorship of the massive Ministry of Sound Tour 2000, which is visiting 33 venues throughout Europe, the new Design Line II series will include a specially and exclusively designed Ministry of Sound MiniDisc. The disc is entitled "MINIstry DISC" and was 7created by Scott Parker*, the former Head of Design at Ministry of Sound club. Influenced by his close connection with the MoS, "MINIstry DISC" features the headphones icon synonymous with the club and the words "excessive sound levels". For dance music fans, "MINIstry DISC" will be an absolute must-have for their MiniDisc collection.

The other two discs in the range were designed by two of the original Design Line Italian artists: "Bow Wow Wow" was created by Massimo Giacon* and "Girotondo" by Anna Gili*.

TDK's Marketing Director, Europe, Mr Yasuo Mishiro, said: "We were delighted with the huge success of the original XS-iV Design Line MiniDiscs and are responding to continued consumer demand with the launch of Design Line II. The brand new MiniDiscs are as funky and innovative as the first Design Line series and will enable consumers to extend their collections, while using excellent quality discs from a brand they know and trust".

The limited edition XS-iV MiniDiscs will be available in store from October.

Design Line will be available in 74 minute lengths as singles and as a 5 pack.

The designers are:

• Massimo Giacon: from Padua, Italy, with a reputation for work as comic-strip artist, illustrator, designer and musician. His design for the new collection is called Bow Wow Wow.

• Anna Gili: also Italian, designing items from furniture to jewellery and fabrics, with some of her designs preserved in museums. Her design for the new collection is called Girotondo.

• Scott Parker: from London, England, started out designing t-shirts for clients in the music industry and progressed to Head of Design at Ministry of Sound club, to Creative Director at his own design agency, AMP Associates. He created MINIstry DISC exclusively for TDK.

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

XS-iV Series 3

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

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Very nice photography - i like these dark backgrounds much better than your previous bright ones - it leads the viewer's attention better to the object instead of irritating the eye. The last one could propably have benefited from somewhat less exposure. Keep it on.

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A couple of weeks ago, while browsing your disc pictorials I noticed that you'd not got the XS-iv Design Series 2 up, and so tried taking some pictures of the only cool discs I have, the "Bow Wow Wow" ones. Tried is the right word! ^_^

Keep up the fabulous photo-shoots! Excellent pictures as always Ishiyoshi.

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I love the incredibly unique design of these discs... so much so I started a quest for my own. I found a UK site that supposedly has them and said they could ship the discs to me, even though I'm here in the US. Pic they have here: http://www.blankshop.co.uk/images/tdkxsivDESIGNER.jpg

I'm looking forward to having these in my hands, hopefully this week. :)

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