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  1. lol wheres an admin when you need one, i wasnt aware swearing was permitted.
  2. Just got me step-up EVGA 8800gtx. Traded up from a 7950gx2.
  3. Review of the Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW Well after buying the Lowepro Micro Trekker 200, a behemoth of a backpackers camera gear case, I realised I didn't need anywhere near that much space. Unfortunately I didn’t take any shots of that one but you can a quick idea just by seeing it on Google. Anyway, for the price, I wondered whether the slingshot was worth it, as it is was only a mere $20 or £10 less than the huge micro trekker 200. The Slingshot is ideal though in that it doesn’t encourage you to take all your gear with you, lenses and all. It encourages you to be selective. If I were to go anywhere for a day I'd take a 17-55 say and a 70-200 say or something along those lines with regard to form factor. First of all, this bag goes over your shoulder like some sports bags I've seen. If you are worried about only one strap resulting in the bag flying all over the show, there’s no need because it also comes with a strap that comes from the opposite side that comes round and clips to allow the bag to be quite snug on the wearer. It can also be worn with the bag towards your front. I'd value this feature if I was paranoid about having my bag opened while I was on a bustling train or whatever. If you are carrying the bag on your front, you get a side zipper that opens to reveal the back of your camera. It’s quite easy to whip out for that spur of the moment shot; If you were worrying about the zippers loosening and all your gear pouring out, there are two clips that stop the zippers from going any further which keep the flap from opening any further than show just a before; Space: Well as you can see, there doesn’t seem to be that much room at first glance; You can separate compartments using the dividers; There are various ways of storing a camera in the bag; The top compartment is quite spacious and can accommodate my D80 without the lens on it or my Minolta XG-1 It can even take the 70-210mm lens Features: Also note that alot of the inside of the case has soft material lining the edges and bottom, so that you can rearrange the layout of the case itself. You could easily put two long strips of the case insides to be vertical and carry two lenses of the 70-210mm I've pictured in this review. One of the features I quite like about this bag is that as part of the AW, ‘all weather’ features, it has a compartment at the bottom; The slot holds a waterproof cover for the bag. Ideal if you live in a country where rain is just around the corner; The Alternative Camera bags are by no means cheap. The Slingshot might not attract you as for just £10 more you can have the Lowepro Micro Trekker 200; a bag that holds twice as much gear, has two straps (like a back-pack), is also shower proof (albeit without the rainproof cover). If you only ever take two to three lenses with you on a shoot, the Micro Trekker might not be for you. In a sense using the Micro Trekker 200 with three lenses in it would be similar to a woman walking around with a back pack carrying just 4 items of make-up. On the flip side, if you are always looking for more space, and have a wealth of gear you can’t go without on a shoot, the Trekker might be the daddy. Conclusion: The Slingshot 100 on the other hand is compact and if you don’t travel with 5 normal zoom lenses, has more than enough space. If you are new to SLR gear (like me), you might be surprised at the weight that can quickly mount inside a bag. Like all Lowepro camera bags, the Slingshot comes with dividers that can protect your gear from bumping into each other. With respect to the style of strap, I am pretty sure that if you wore this bag for 5 hours while hiking, that your one shoulder would start to feel it. On the flip side however, as a commuters tool it’s great. I myself plan to take this bag on aeroplanes, on the London underground, while cycling, everywhere. If you are just starting out with a DSLR, I can strongly recommend this bag. Value: 82/100 Features: 90/100 Performance: 85/100
  4. In S,S 4.2 theres a feature called DSEE, which supposedly produces audio that is closer to the original i.e better. I cant see any difference. Using ath-a900;s, bit rate is 256kb/s OMG files.
  5. bjork, most rap, fiddy cent for one, snoop 'dog' (why his name isnt 'rat' i don't know, he looks like one), bionce knowles (as well as desinys child), most rnb junk like christina milian, etc etc, slip knot, and more 'cut my wrists music', 'him', and the list goes on.
  6. yeah but where are u going to get ur hi def content to send out the 'hi def output' on the player. I mean, just because its got a hi def output doesnt mean its going to make something of standard res look any better. I've prbs skimmed this badly but correct me where/if im wrong.
  7. heh since when was the r909 restricted? I bought mine in greece and it isnt restricted. As long as the volume steadily increases as you go from 25 or 20 to 30, you are fine. If you bought yours in the UK then MAAAAybe its restricted.
  8. Nikon D80 digital SLR body and have ordered this lense here; http://www.e-xcessories.com/estore/nikon-1...mp;currency=GBP
  9. Which would you say is the better camera? I know the 400d has 10meg as opposed to 8, but other than that, are there any pro's to the 400d? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey guys long time no see, hope you;re all doing well and keeping hold of the md love. I use my md deck every day as a optical connection between my hifi and computer every day so not so much for md, but the deck has its uses. I've recorded the odd internet stream. Have a good christmas and enjoy ur familys.
  11. sent the viewsonic back. That thing had the worst screen door effect id ever seen. My sony has nearly no SDE as its got a glossy surface, and went for an NEC 20WGX2 http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?quicklinx=48ZN
  12. .... my famous story, i was eating a jam croisant on the bus, spilled jam onto the md remote, it wudnt work anymore, cleaned it up, it was under warranty, took it back, got a replacement, no i didnt tell them jam got in it.
  13. an on line jazz radio station. using wmp 9. Dunno why they took the radio feature away, its great.
  14. the recording block is foodges, this happened to my mz-r909. dropped it, and it would only record 13 minutes then it would just be disc accessing, and do nothing else. Get it fixed.
  15. most likely. by the looks of things, looks like there are some sort of plain line drawings.
  16. huh?? Dont all units come with a silver remote? Or do you mean chrome looking remote? If you mean chrome looking, but with no screen, its the american RH10 remote.
  17. Bought it on line. Turns out the place where i bought the moniter had a bad batch of the moniter i wanted. Im using it with a 17" atm. When i get paid this friday I'll order a viewsonic or another acer but from another store. Yep its a sweet card. Bit longer than my 7900gt was but its cool
  18. ive already got an mdp but some macro shots wud be cool if the camera can do it.
  19. 1 x ECGA 7950 GX2 superclocked http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpag...-7950gs&P=2
  20. its an nvidia card. i used the same dvi port as used with my 17". ive tried the second dvi port too.
  21. I have a gainward 7900gt 256mb, its only a few months old. I recently bought an Acer AL2051W widescreen monitor. As normal, I unplugged my 17" sony lcd after turning off my computer, plugged in my 20" and waited for the startup bios screen. No goes, nada nothing, zip. I can turn on my 17" monitor, log into my windows account, then just plug the 20" monitor and it works at 1280 by 1024 res. I uninstall the 17" monitor in device manager, then plug the 20" back in and I dont even get the resolution that my 20" supports. The native res for this monitor is 1680 by 1050. That res isnt even listed. When i change to any other res the 1280 by 1024 the monitor just tells me it cant take that res, or no signal. It isnt the monitor as I got sent a replacment. I think that windows is installing the wrong drivers for the monitor. It's strange that I'm not getting any signal at all when I switch on the the computer. I havent been able to try the monitors on any other computers. If anyone could try and help please, i would REALLY appreciate it. I have the following options after i get my money back; Get a new nvidia 7950 gx2 graphics card, OR get a viewsonic VX2025wm. Please respond asap. If atrain or ivan have msn and can get in contact with me through that i;d appreciate it even more. -greg
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