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Finding the Right Deck

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I feel that my knowledge of portable minidisc recorders is quite authoritative and to the point where I am more than adept at shopping and reaching conclusions on my own. However, this is not case when it comes to minidisc decks. I have some questions that I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with.

Just looking at the minidisc.org equipment browser, it appears that sony doesn't make a Hi-MD deck. Is this correct, or is it (are they) not listed on minidisc.org yet?

Are there any decks (Hi-MD or not) that have both a CD-drive and an MD-drive for direct copying of the CD to the MD? If so, do any copy other data such as CD-Text?

Are there decks that connect to the computer for titling and/or NetMD type transfers?

That's all I can think to ask right now, so any help qould be appreciated, and if you can specify model numbers that would be a great plus. Feel free to address things outside of the scope of my questions as all help is appreciated.

And as always, I have utmost appreciation for those who take their time to help answer mine and others questions. I know the value of a minute and just how great a donation time can be. So, my hearty thanks for yours.

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Here's the CD/MD Deck that sony made:


There may be other manufacturers that made them also: google is your friend.

There are quite a few decks/systems that have the "PC Link" socket on them, thew problem is the kit itself is VERY hard to find!

Here's more info on the kits and what units they are compatible with, best guess, try ebay for the one you want


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