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Discovered a way to remaster my CDs

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Some of my CDs are not as loud as others, mostly CDs from the '80s and '90s. I've figured out a way to creat copies of the CDs but with higher volume. Here's the procedure:

1.) Create MP3s at highest bit-rate of CD

2.) Use MP3Gain (search on yahoo) to raise the volume of the songs (around 98db to 100db)

3.) Use SS 3.4 or any other software to make an audio CD from the MP3s.

4.) The resulting CD will be louder than the original.

Try it!

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When using MP3gain, pick a db that won't have clipping. There's no point making things louder but adding clipping. Actually, people want the other way, to remaster their CDs to reduce loudness, thus reducing clipping and improving dynamic range. Also, this method will reduce quality since you're involving a lossy compression, even at max bitrate.

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i always remaster my CD's at -4db to -2db (analogue) so as to give me headroom for blasting the audience with my 1000 watt; two 18" full range speakers..

i can't stand digital copies that clip on me cause they did it wrong.. oe the program varied.

*i am sooooo perfect.*

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Sparky191, it's not about making them louder per se, rather making them as loud as each other. ^_^

That would make sense if he was doing it to all of his MP3's so thay all playback at the same volume. Which is why Mp3Gain has a feature to do that. But hes not. Hes remastering his CD's. :mellow:

I use some vlume increaser for Mp3 files but it made my mp3 files sound terrile lot of distrotion.

I had the same problem where I did it across albums/tracks with too large a difference in volume.

Mp3Gain is great if you want to play a mix or your MP3's for portable use. But the volume difference on tracks is part of the music. So sometimes you want to keep the difference, especially for classical stuff.

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