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Because Sony's PR doesn't seem to care...

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MPEG/MPG file, WMP should be able to handle it. The text in the titles seems a bit cheesy, no big deal. Send me some suggestions. File is 10 MB long, lasts less than a minute. All the audio was recorded using that same NH900. All the video with an Olympus camera recording in quicktime, converted to avi and MPEG later. Oy. Studio 8 was used to edit, and put this baby together. Opinions greatly appreciated. Resolution is 320x240.

All this was done using consumer-grade equipment. Now imagine if Sony actually got to it. :lol:

Clicky here.


Didn't want to attach it to the forum, Mods, being a relatively large file.

Enjoy and give me your feedback.


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Nice job. I bet if Sony USA PR saw this, they'll be like "Huh? We made that thing?", and the next thing they say "look, that guy used our logo without consent, where's our lawyer?" And Sony entertainment would say "Hmm, that music gotta be one of ours, where's our lawyer?" Yeah, sad isn't it? But I think I'm not too far off on what things Sony execs are thinking.

Good work on the video though. :)

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Oh, I'll be glad to ask Danny Manning to review my ad, and give me his unbiased opinion when I argue in front of the judge VS Sony. I don't think it should be much of a problem, though. It's not for profit. Kinda like those fan-made Star Trek or Star Wars videos you see around.

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nice soundtrack, but I'd still prefer it (the sound and the visuals) to strenghten the recording aspect of HiMD even more: say you take a real-life situation where the person sees/hears something interesting like a band performing on the corner of a street, take out his MD, record it (sound still the band but now monitoring through his headphones), stop/save, walk away and playback the recording which sounds sharp and this produces a BIG smile on the persons face, once home he plugs in the USB, creates a CD and shares it with a friend, cue double BIG smile!!

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