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Dutch review of RH1 from mdcenter.nl

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Just got an e-mail from mdcenter.nl about a review of the RH1. Babelfish won't translate, site says there should be an english translation in a couple of days.


This baby looks more impressive every time I see it, even shows a RM40ELK remote attached with 3 line info.

There will definately be one of these in Bob's life/

Have fun looking at the site,



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Mine comes up error translating text. I had two panes open and translated 1 paragraph at a time.

Again I like what I see, if they would only lift tr restriction on uploads, and let you upload any minidisc you "own" it would be perfect, but 97.8232659 % isn't too bad.

Thanks for the translation BTW, maybe a bug on my end.

Take care,


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Some real classics of mistranslation from Babelfish there - almost worth reading for that alone, apart from the subject matter! Thanks for the link - I await the real translation with interest...

We will hopefully have the offical English translation done by tomorrow. I have been pretty busy but am aiming to finish it tonight.

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Being one of that rare breed of English guys that can speak Dutch (I've often had assignments in Belgium and Holland) I can only say that the review is absolutely MOUTHWATERING.

IF only we'd had this at the start (SP upload).

The official English review will be WELL worth waiting for.

If you have any particular questions concerning the review ask here and I'll try and answer what the review says IN ENGLISH.

This piece of kit is going to be a HUGE HUGE winner.

One thing for sure that will please MP3 fans. The RH1 can handle sampling rates of 32 and 48 Khz as well as the standard (CD rate) 44.1.

Whether sampling at 48 khz is worth it for CD ripping is a moot point but since music doesn't always come ripped from CD's or lower quality places like Itunes / Connect etc this could be of use for your own recording gigs.

Can't wait for mine now.



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32 and 48 kHz without re-sampling to 44.1? That'll please a few. The pics are lovely, they give a real feel to the unit. I take it the three output graphs are for MP3 playback to demonstrate the non-crippled MP3 playback?

Yes they are: first = RH1, second & third = RH10 with the third in logaritmic scale to see clearly that the drop-off starts at 1 KHz.

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