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Playing exported tracks on another computer or "good bye SONY"...

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Well, it turns out that you CAN NOT play your tracks on different computer at all...

And it does not matter what recorder did you use - I have RH10, RH910, and, as it turned out, completely useless in this matter RH1. Yes, you can download SP or LP2 tracks with it. But what's next? I spent a lot of hours transferring my OWN! recordings (done in SP, LP2 and HI-SP) at work machine (it worked flawlessly) then I burned a CD with those tracks. All that just to learn that SonicStage (3.4 or CP, - used both) WILL NOT PLAY THEM on another machine! It trying to download a "license" informatin from Internet (and guess what - there is none available there), then it says: "Can not load the rights information for this track" (but of course!). So I spent hours and hours downloading my own tracks, lost few discs of my own work because I was stupid enough to erase them after making sure that all tracks are playing fine, just to find out that they are not usable on any machine except the one I used to download to!

(And yes, rights management was turned off).

Enough is enough. Good bye SONY and F-you. I'm geting rid of all of your handicapped MD recorders - which I have 9, no less!

I'll NEVER, NEVER buy anything made by you, I'll never go to SONY theater, I'll never buy a single CD produced by SONY label...

It's time to grow up.

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Follow the steps in this thread to release your files from DRM and they can be played on another computer just fine.

Substitute the ATRAC3+ bitrates mentioned with the cooresponding ATRAC3 (LP2/LP4) bitrates to release your legacy uploads fromk DRM.

Thanks, it worked. It's an odd and akward way, but it worked. Thanks again:)

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Does this mean you will once again support the sony regime by buying into their propagandarus schemes?


B) That's funny!

I was too emotional over lost time that night, but the answer is still "No". Actually, I never supported SONY music/thaters division; only MiniDisc technology was something I was willing to buy from them. But I might show signs of weakness if a HI-MD deck will appear;)

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