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  1. Good afternoon, I have for sale a Sony MZ-RH1 MiniDisc recorder. The unit is about three months old and functions perfectly. Also included is the original box, battery, remote control, headphones, cables, software and instruction manuals. The reason I am selling my MiniDisc recorder is because I purchased it as an impulse buy and realize that I do not have any use for this unit. If you would like to see pictures of the unit please go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/darkflame/set...57594271289388/ My asking price is $225 shipping through priority Mail included. If you have any questions please still free to contact me darkflame808@gmail.com or you can reply to this thread. Thank you very much. Darkflame
  2. Take a small card and slide it on the disc shutter and open it, do an inspection for dust or dirt flakes on the bottom side of the disc. I noticed that on a few of my discs there was a little dust flake on the disc that blocked the laser from reading the disc. Also if you do find dust flakes on the disc. Even after cleaning if you STILL have problems with playback consider if whether those flakes blocked the laser from heating up the disc during recording this could prevent you from recording as well as playback. I've played quite a few legacy MD's on my unit without problems thus far. I did have one disc that had playback dropouts (it was like a stutter dropout though not a pure silence issue. I found I had a piece of lint stuck on the bottom side of the MD unit. I took a can of compressed air blew it out and later reformatted my disc and used it again. all was well. I was unable to recover the recording because the flake had prevented the disc from recording properly. But it works good now.
  3. HUH? LOL! I believe the RH1 has a line out simply because sony wanted to market the product as both a HI MD deck as well as a HI MD portable unit. Lineout on the menu just does VOLUME-MAX+EQ OFF+SOUND NOTIFICATIONS OFF in one switch. You can accomplish lineout on any MD unit by just turning volume to max and telling the unit to mute any sound effects that are not part of the original music (beeps when paused or changing traks for example).
  4. If you want to minimize your risk of damage to your electronics just make sure you take them with you in carry on and try to avoid sending them through checked bagage. The signs that say to remove all expensive electronics and film from your luggage and take them with you in carry on is there for specific reasons. Baggage x-rays shower the bag with radiation where as passenger x-rays have a thin beam (like a scanner) that passes over the bag. Baggage x-rays will damage film because the radiation is showered continiously over the bag to get better penetration. Carry on x-rays also can damage film if you're jumping from terminal to terminal and sending your bag through 5-6 times. But for a 1 shot pass through the x-ray you're film is exposed to radiation for less then half a second. as opposed to 6-20 seconds in baggage. When the guy is sitting there for 4 minutes staring at your carry on bag in the x-ray, your bag is just sitting in the tunnel. there is no x-ray radiation present as the image is already built on the monitor. In baggage, when they sit and stare...your bag is still being radiated until it leaves the unit. Baggage x-rays despite showering your bag with radiaion will not affect your electronics. The reason some ask you to remove is because a number of reasons...a few which i'll explain. 1. When your bag goes through the x-ray the machine uses high velocity belts to flip and rotate the bag to get different angles. These high velocity flips and turns are rough to sensitive electronics and camers...even digital ones. If you ever watch the exit belt of a CTX or L3 they litterally eject your back onto the conveyor belt for transport to the aircraft. 2. Next is the sticky fingers station where your item is at risk for walking off. 3. Finally your 3,000 digital camera finds his resting place at the bottom of 600 pounds of bags transported on a trolly that contains no suspension or shock damapening prior to it being loaded into the aircraft. So when someone tells you keep your valuables close to you at all times...you know why. Hope this is of help.
  5. Nothing is going to happen. I work at an airport as a X-Ray Technician and I send my MD player through the xray machines about 5-20 times a day depending on how often I need to proceed through the checkpoint. With the exception of film, I've never had any problems with my cell phones, ipods, game equipment or any other electronics including MD equipment as of yet. I've sent my MZ-R50 and 60GB ipod through the x-ray at least a thousand times over a 1 year period and they work just fine. I can only assume that if you are USING the product or reading/writing to it while running it through then maybe you could run into problems but in a idle state...nothing to worry about.
  6. Does this mean you will once again support the sony regime by buying into their propagandarus schemes? LOL.
  7. It doesn't matter what cable you use to connect the AC adaptor to the outlet. A stereo cable, a cable for a video camera, your digital camera cable, a xbox cable. It doesn't matter because all the cables are transferring 100/120V AC to the power transformer. What you need to worry about is the ammount of voltage you are putting into your unit. The USB standard is 5V 500Ma. The charger on the RH1 puts out 800Ma. You can plug in a 5V adaptor that pumps out 20 amps and the MZ-RH1 would charge just fine as it will only use what it needs. If you up the voltage though you turn your MZ-RH1 into your offices nicest paper weight. A think to note though is that just because the MZ-RH1 uses a mini USB plug does not mean you can use any mini usb adaptor to charge it. I don't know if the sony charger is a smart charger or if the ppc6700 sprint phone charger is a smart charger but when I use my ppc6700 usb charger, The MZ-RH1 displays "Reconnect USB" and does not charge. When I use the Sony charger on my PPC6700 it accepts it and charges just fine. So I am not sure if the sony charger is talking to the RH1 and saying "Hey i'm a sony product, go ahead and charge" or if it's just a circuit detection routing or if the ppc6700 charger is attempting to disguise itselt as a usb host or something I dunno. But just keep that in mind if you are looking to buy an extra adaptor. Not any off the shelf USB adaptor may work. (even though they are all pinned the same according to the USB specification.
  8. Some Etailers will hold your order and give you emails about out of stock out of stock over and over again when in reality they are waiting to meet a certain minimum before placing the order to get a bulk discount deal. A friend of mine told me that he did business that way because they had to buy units in quantities of 20-100 in order to save money on shipping and make profits. I ordered my MZ-RH1 through minidisc canada. Order was placed on July 2nd, Item arrived July 12th. I only picked them because they were covered by the north ameerican warranty which means I could get it serviced in the USA. Perhaps you should consider changing etailers. In the end I paid about 319$ for the unit after converting it from CAD to US. I hope your unit arrives shortly. It definately is a beauty to behold.
  9. Nope for two reasons. 1. Sony uses proprierty software to talk to the MD unit. 2. No unit on the market currently converts atrac(plus) to mp3 internally. You could get by #1 if sony used standard plug and play techniques in which you could get a portable usb host adaptor that would allow you to transfer files to and from two usb devices without the need of a PC. But you still run into problem #2. Only way to accomplish what you are asking is to do it in real time. Using a Nomad Jukebox 3 for example you could record via line-in on the JB3 while hooked up to the lineout of your MD player. You then could take the audio and have the JB3 convert it into a 44Khz MP3 file at whatever bitrate you specify. This is however in real time though. If someone or some company saw that there was a huge need for such a device or if they felt it would be a profitable venture such a unit could be fabricated (as with the hand held usb host device) but given that the MD unit already require proprietary software for use. I doubt anyone would want to eliminate the need for it to do one thing when you still need it to do another.
  10. Maybe some clever souls out there can hack the unit using the SDK and create new firmwares, features, bugfixes and cosmetic changes to the unit. Maybe sony finally decided to let go of it's golden child and set it loose in the wild knowing that the faithful MD followers would take it in and nurture it and help it grow into something bigger then sony ever imagined. I'm sure sony knows that those of us who love the format would do it justice. They just need to learn to let go and watch it flourush.
  11. They would sound just fine. When you transfer a mp3 to the MD disc. SS is just writing the ditial data to the disc. It is not transcoding or remaking it into a sony mp3 format etc. The loss in quality is due to the software controlling the RH10. It seems that sonys marketing approach was to include the playback for the sake of appealing to that massive market of mp3 users but at the same time. They wanted to promote their own atrac format as being the superior one in terms of quality. So they tried to make it appear that ATRAC was really that much better when compared to the mp3 counterpart. People caught on to sony and called shinanigans. (sorry I love southpark)...hehe Sony realized that this could/would backfire and label the md format a dud to the millions of ipod sporting fanboys around the world. This would give apple a bigger and better oppurtunity to promote upon it's shortcoming and move on in their reign for blind surpremecy. Sony stepped up it's efforts to fix that and other problems and push out the RH1 as Sony's "Sorry we messed up, here take this as our appology." flagship model. The problem is that Sony is trying to fight its way into market that it had shunned for far too long. They had the advantage of being the first kids on the block with the ability to store huge ammounts of data onto small removable media but they tried too hard to control the way people used it. Sorry sony, you had a 8 year head start and you still showed up 8 years too late. MD is always gonna be a sweet recording medium. Its just too late to be a part of the 100 million+ playback culture. _
  12. I was wondering why my outpost kept alarming only on the main forum page but not the individual sub forums. I thought it was just a false alarm caused by some ad or something LOL. Glad to see that you guys made an attempt to fix it. Nice to know there's a live group of people keeping the forums nice and tidy! Thanks!
  13. Yes check the connections to the line in jack. I had some dirt get stuck in there before, I cleaned it by taking an old bic pen (used) and removing the pen part (with the clear stem) It's the perfect size for the line in jack, just place the stem into the jack until it goes no further and digital will flash on the display. This is how you can check the connections. The line/in/digital is determined by a switch not by metal conductivity.
  14. Couple of new questiond for you guru's up there. 1. Can you make a legacy audio disc via a RH1 then later take that disc, re-download the disc back to the original pc to be made into a new playlist and sent back to disc. (original audio files would be removed from the pc after the original disc is made) 2. I understand that Hi-MD's are arranged in groups to make it easier to navigate. I read that SS makes a new group when a new cd is ripped. Does the SS software remember the arist of the group?..I.E I rip Barneys greatest hits, which goes to group1, then I rip Love licks greatest come on lines to group2, then I realize that barney's got a new hit cd. if I ripped barneys new cd would it add the tracks to group1 again or make a group3? Also can you rename the groups to represent genre's or styles etc..i.e Party Music, RAP, Comedy etc or do they have to have the generic gp0001 don't mind my cd collection, it's purely fictional just as the usps guy that was supposed to arrive with my new toy.
  15. Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to drop a quick question in hopes the MD gurus of the board could shed some light to my situation. I currently own a MZ-R50 which I just put on ebay because I ordered a MZ-RH1. My dillema is that I prematurely placed my item for bid without finding out the answer to my solution. So hopefully you can all help me here. I am very familliar with the MD format, i've owned the R1, R30 and R50 and since then have abandoned the format until I found my R50 in my closet and it has sparked some new fond love again. So I came here to catch up on the old times and saw the RH1 just came out. I ordered it through Minidisc Canada and am awaiting it's arrival. I want to know about the RH1's ability regarding legacy audio. I would like to know if the RH1 can write legacy audio to a normal MD via usb. I have a MD deck (normal MD not HiMD) that I would love to give to my mom because she's horrible with keeping CD's scratch free. But I don't want to have to set up camp in her living room every week trying to get the newest mixes on her unit via optical in. I understand people talking about the HMD1 and other various data drives that have switches for data and audio but the RH1 is what I had settled on. I chose the RH1 mainly for using it as a data drive and portable jogging md unit. I don't do concerts or anything for that matter. I just want something to hold my data that not every kid on the block could make use of if I inevitablly lost the disc etc. Am I better off looking for a Hi-MD deck? or is there some solution that I could use to write atrac files to a normal MD in legacy mode. Thanks!
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