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Live Jazz Recording

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Hi all,

After owning my RH1 for the past 3 months, I finally managed to record a live gig.

Lessons learnt from the evening out:

1) Try to position the mic at head level.

2) Get a good seat.

3) Prepare for the entire evening before hand. This includes knowing where you blanks are, how much time you have left on your current disc etc.

4) Always prepare for an encore.

5) A good source matters. If the sound engineer has mixed the output well, then 90% of your job is done.

Have a listen: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3526

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Which model of Sound Professionals mic were you using? Was it a one-point stereo mic or a pair?

The one-point stereo microphone. I'm currently scrounging up to buy a decent set of binaurals...

6) mic placement matters: l+r mic need more distance in between, there's no dimension, almost mono.

Hahahaha, indeed. I have the stereo microphones that have both mics on one single mounting. So, I guess I will have to scrounge up to buy a good pair of binaurals before I can rectify this. :D

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That's why I wish there was a feature that would let you tell the recorder to switch from say PCM to HiSP when it realizes there's only 5 mins left of PCM recording time on the disc.

Yeah, that would be uber cool. But, I'm sure people will then want to decide how many min left should trigger this. Some people may want it to trigger at 10 min left or something. So, it becomes very arbitrary if not completely flexible?

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Hi - I am curious about how far the mic was from the musicians. I am trying to get an idea of what would be optimum. Thanks B)

This was a small pub/bar with a makeshift stage in front of one of the long couches on one side of the room. Sound was mostly off the stage direct, with only vocals and mild amounts of the instruments on the PA. How far is mostly determined by where you can hear the best sound. Usually this is very close to the mixing desk. After that, irrespective of how loud it is at that point, you can use the manual rec level setting to get the peaks in between the -12 dB and the 0dB marks on your MD Recorder. I hope I've understood your question correctly?

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