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Walkman recordings don't play on deck

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Am new to MD world. Have recorded about 1,200 hrs of music on Walkman N420D via Sonic Stage 4.0 w/o any major probs. Just bought used Sony JE320 deck for home use. It came w/ a homemade 74 min disk that plays fine. My 80 min disks appear to be playing (TOC, song length, etc. correct, but no level or sound present. 74min disk plays on Wakman. Downloaded manual of no use. Any ideas about what's wrong? (I don't understand the formats used if that's what's wrong) Any help greatly appreciated because I can't use my deck w/ my current library. Thanks.

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The JE320 is an old deck that doesn't support MDLP. The N420D /only/ supports MDLP recording (via SonicStage) or fake SP, but it will of course playback normal SP discs (as you said, it plays the 74 minuter). Your discs are probably all in LP2 or LP4 and will thus play as silence on the deck (with track titles, and a time display, etc). Solutions? Redo all your discs using the deck and lovely old SP or redo them using fake SP. Or, better still, get a cheap MDLP deck, preferably with Type-S, for example: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-JE480.html

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