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Audio T Station?

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i would need a special "dispensation" from either God or The "Bishop" who i know semi-personally;;

he played sax in a show that i played all the backp music;; and the Bishop came to MY house to practice;; *as my daughters were upstairs taking pics in the Bishop's cloak"!!!!

he owes me one for all the sour notes he played into my un-sour ears..

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very possible;; but what about my double punctuations;; it would be VERY hard for me not to double puntuate;; but i COULD try single puctuating;; it would drive me crazy;; but then i could be an occational poster;; and stay on BOTH bords..

i do miss yous and have a lot in common;; and am eagerly awaiting the "Re-Turn of the MDs";; even though it is a slight chance..

*as i type the skies here are "Rumbling";; is it possible God is mediating??* what does the "Rhumble" mean?? should i shut my three PC's cause my fweakin telephone/transformer in front of my house gets zapped frequently..

what is the possibility i get zapped during this pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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yeah,, i guess it's time to come back;; i'll have two boards to go on;; that should be enough;; the others i go on are just "anti_everything";; anti this;; anti that;; anti bliss and anti Ratt;; what's wrong with Ratt;; they even made the VH1 classic concerts..

perhaps i can just omit the punctuations;; like i'll DO (2) spaces.. leave out da "ZZ'zz" and squeese the breeze to just a paragraph of two..

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I just want to say thanks to Chris, Ishii, Rich, and the team here (in case there are any mods I've missed) for being here so we'd have a place to congregate while the TBoard was gone. I can tell you, I appreciate it.

Oh Ron, clear your cookies too.

i lurk a bit. haven't been to the yellow side for about a year.

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