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Using MDS-JA555ES as a dac

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This md recorder(MDS-JA555ES) has a function in it where, when I connect my cd player's coaxial output to the md recorder's coaxial input, put the md recorder's record input selector to coaxial, remove the md media from the deck and press record, it becomes a dac and converts the cd player's digital signal to analog output which goes to my amplifier. What I would like to know is if the signal is compressed in any form when this conversion is taking place, merely without even any recording? Does the signal still go through atrac compression or just normal digital to analog conversion as fully uncompressed cd music. I need to know very urgently as I need to use the function at this time. This function is even stated in my manual as 'monitoring the input signal' on the recording on MDs page 14 of my manual. I need to know the answer as soon as possible. Please help. Thanks.


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I see no reason why it should be compressed at all. When SP is played back, the output is 1411kbps CD/.WAV format. So compressing it and uncompressing it is simply not on the menu.

I don't totally trust the A-to-D on some of the lower-end mobile minidiscs. But I use this to record a digital signal into them when I need more than I can get on a single SP disc.

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From what I've gathered from posts at this (and other) forums over the years, by the more technically-savvy users, I'm led to believe the DAC circuitry doesn't compress the input and output digital signals on MD decks. The compression seems done by the onboard software at the recording stage. I've been using my MD decks as DAC's for years and haven't found any evidence to the contrary.

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