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G.Y.M. has knackered my NW-HD5H !


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I noticed somewhere on this forum someone mention GYM as a potential SoniicStage replacement. So I downloaded it and ran it - it looked interesting, but it said "run key wizard first" I tried that, didnt have a clue what to do with the temp thing that opened up, so closed it, and then a debug dialog box opened up. So it closed, then I started up key wizard again, and it said no nw-hd connected. But it was.

So I closed it, and opened SonicStage.


The space is still occupied, it isnt 28gb there, its 17gb free.

I have been uploading my stuff. Now it isnt there.

How can I undo the damage done by this dreadfully damaging "GYM" ?????

If I wipe all tracks, can I start from scratch ? :sad:

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I wonder what the file format is on your DAP. When you run the wizard your audio tracks are converted/scanned so that it can be played through GYM (also allowing for transfering to another computer).

Now I know at least with my DAP, I have a folder tree setup. In order for the key wizard to convert/scan your scan your tracks, the main folder on your DAP is renamed.

It could possible just mean you have to rename it back.

Maybe :unsure: Check yur folder names

PS - GYM IS GREAT, very powerful and very needed. It is is no way inferior

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Rename what, where, how ?

I even tried to remove all tracks and start again - it went through the motions, and never removed ANYTHING. Still 17gb free, but NOTHING listed.

Please give me a simple step by step so I can get my tracks back.

Please ?

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I don't want to sound a complete pleb, but could you tell me HOW to format the hd5h ?

I haven't a clue ! (I'll have alittle shufti before I go out though)

Oh - got it. Right.

Done and dusted.

Back to square one, but I dont mind too much.

Cheers, mate.

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all your music is backed up in your player.

Simply rename the folder "OMGAUDIO backup" to "OMGAUDIO".

All your music will be back.


i started using the 'key wizard program' but noticed i didn't have enough time to go through w/ the entire process. so i cancelled, disconnected my device (after key wiz created the 'omg backup') and my player says "mismatch in system files". i reconnected my hd5, went into explorer and renamed the folder, as you mentionned above, but the player still gives me the message "mismatch in system files"..... wtf???

the music is still ON the player, i haven't transfered anything... but why won't it recognize it? please help!

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