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I just accidentally deleted a 20 minute track while transferring from the MD unit to SonicStage. Is there any hope of retrieving the data? I immediately unplugged the cable and opened the battery compartment in an attempt to head off the finalization of the process - but it didn't work. The track is gone from the menu register of the disc. In the past this has worked: i.e., any editing was temporarily stored until I turned the unit off and that could be shortcircuited by depriving power before it turned itself off. I sure would like to get that track back.

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I would be inclined to read up on TOC cloning. Check out user Raintheory, his sig has all the links. Only works with some units, you might end up purchasing one that's known to do TOC cloning.

The basic idea is to create a TOC that corresponds to a disk full, writing it over the dead disk and uploading resultant file for editing on the computer. I haven't done it (yet) but it seems a reasonable possibility for you.

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Sony Media Services say they can give it a try; if successful there is a charge of $55. Jeez, that feels like a gouge to me!

I think I understand RainTheory's method, but he doesn't mention RH910 and I wouldn't be willing to put a screwdriver in there anyway as it's the only one I got and I love it. It was the computer (SonicStage) that done me wrong - not the unit.

Thanks for the ideas, but maybe I just have to let it go......

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I wouldn't do it with a HiMD unit anyway. Maybe get a deck? If you have time. Aaaah, you did this to a HiMD recording. Not as much hope there because the system does clever things to encrypt the final files on disk.

I am amazed SMS is still alive and kicking. I also don't really understand what happens to SonicStage on 31st December with the complete demise of Connect - I wish someone would tell me.

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