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Is this Overkill?

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I bought a new dn430 in the box, and won a new in the box(it's BLUE!) 707 minidisc recorder kit(with car adapter, optical cable, ac adapter, the whole bit). I am considering getting a new in the box MZ-1 S2 for insurance. My thinking is that the dn430 is my "cracktown" player, the mz-1 for working out, and the 707 for keeping at home hooked up to ac and strictly doing home recording. Am I being a bit unreasonable? I have just kind of gone nuts for this minidisc(mdlp) thing, all in the space of a few days. And I know it sounds unreasonable, but LP2 is just as clear as any bitrate of AAC or mp3 ever was for me. I just want to make sure I have backup players and recorders. And incidentally, I am having no problems with sonic stage. NONE. I just plug in the player with USB, check the battery level, start up sonic stage, click album, click arrow, rinse and repeat. And the sound seems punchier and just better... I haven't heard non distorted bass like this since my old mega bass auto reverse player I had when I was a kid. Why doesn't the ipod sound like this? I'm sorry for my comments, but it seems that my minidisc player sounds better than any ipod I've had. And all this at lp2. Sony could just dominate the low end of the music player market if they would bring this format back(mdlp). Sell the players for 25 bucks. Sell the recorder for 45. Make just the 2 models. Maybe MD-P(minidisc player), and MD-RP(Minidisc recorder). Make sure both run on AA, and market it as a feature. The recorder would have optical/line/mic in and have a big fat lcd screen on it. the player could have a small display like the dn430. Oh, and backlights on both displays. There is an opening for low end music players! SONY ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! As Dick Jones and Clarence Bodicker said in the American Classic movie Robocop, "Good Business is where you find it." Ok, I guess I've embarrassed myself enough for one day. Oh, and by the way, I INTENTIONALLY did not buy hi-md stuff. Net-md equipment and blanks are MUCH easier to come by, even brand new.

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Everyone agrees here 100% with your observations EXCEPT the part about not buying HiMD.

a. you can play any MDLP and SP disks you made in the HiMD, so no loss there - in fact the compression of LP2 gets 4 hours 50 mins on the exact same "standard" disk using HiMD, so you are twice as well off if length counts.

b. for live recordings you are "stuck" in the MD format (no way to get to CD or something saveable) unless you buy a deck or the RH1. The latter obviously allows you upload (there's a trick which you need if you use the same Sonic Stage for it and other NetMD machines), the former doesn't use USB, and works with your SP disks. However any HiMD allows you to send HiMD recordings to the computer.

c. you don't have to buy HiMD disks, though once you build up a stock they should do you for a while.

I am not sure what the MZ-1 S2 is - maybe my ignorance.

As I said very early on, welcome to the nuthouse!!!!! Glad you liked the PSYC.... I saw several for under $30 yesterday, maybe it was just a lull, so you could get a backup. But now you see what everyone here is raving about.

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