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EDL MD Studio Minidisc Transfer Editor MDH-10

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We would be very glad if you would like to share the software with is (the company is no longer in existence, at least online which is all that counts in this day and age).

I think the emergence of the MZ-RH1 and the subsequent addition of ATRAC codecs to VLC and ffmpeg killed that company which depended on extorting huge sums for people "stuck" with data that they could not retrieve. Nic(h)e product but now long past its sell-by date.

You can reach me by PM if you want to discuss an upload.

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I have also a MDH-10. It is original in box with all including. I am an old fan of MD since I was in Japan in 2000's and have numerous players (incl. a car set) and recorders.

Certainly the EDL MD Studio: Transfer Editor would give great potential to the use of the unit. I guess the modified one works with Windows up to XP as a relative brochure for the software states while the original driver floppies I have are for DOS 3.1 and Win 95.

I am aware that to use it with EDL it may need firmware modification but I would like to give it a try since I am quite familiar with computers. I would appreciate any ideas about that.

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