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Best ID3 tag editor recommendation

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I need some advice from my fellow DAP entusiasts.

I am in the process of uploaded tracks from scratch from my music archives.

I am trying to make this as painless as possible and need a suggestion on an ID3 tag editor.

I have tested out about 3 or 4 programs ( ID3-TagIT, File & MP3 Renamer, Eide3, and Zortam Mp3 Media Studio) and I am not really satisfied with any one of these.

Basically, I don't have ID3 tags set up for any of my archived tracks. Everything was specified in the filename. I want a Tag editor that will pull the information from the filename and use it as field on a mutliple track basis.

i.e. 01 - Artist - Title.mp3

I want to be able to pull the track #, artist, and title and put them in the corresponding ID3 field.

Does anyone have any recomendations?


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Is there a way that I can specify more characters than (30) in the title field ??

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I'd recommend a program called "Tag & Rename".

It is pretty comprehensive. You can rename tags in a variety of ways, and with whole albums you can look up the titles from Amazon.com (or Amazon.uk and also another Amazon, can't remember which one now) as well as from freedb.

You can also rename files from tag names in any way you want or even go the other way around. As I said it is quite comprehensive in what you can do.

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One more recommendation for Tag & Rename. You may feel a little put off paying for tagging software, since there are many free programs out there, but this program is VERY versatile. Also, it has some "smart" functions, such as how it "knows" you are only editing one particular field. So, when you hit "save and go to next file", it goes to the same field you just edited. Little things like that will make your life much easier if you have a lot of files to tag.


-J. P.

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After looking at the screenshots of Tag&Rename, it looks a lot like a souped up version of the MP3bookhelper. :) For basic tagging, IMO MP3bookhelper is powerful enough for a freeware. It can also look up tags form freedb, tag from/to filename, etc. Another freeware alternative is MP3Tag. I uses this one mainly to convert non-unicode ID3 tags to unicode.

For attaching album art to the MP3s, I find iTunes works really well. :) When you assign an album art within iTunes, it will integrate the album art into the MP3s. Even Sonicstage will recognize the album art from the MP3s.

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MediaMonkey without a doubt. Have used most of the ones mentioned here, and none of them them come close to the power provided by MediaMonkey. It's not just a tagger, it's a complete music management program and player. it's got scriping and plugin capabilities.

I needed to sync all the ALBUM and ARTIST ALBUM tags, mediamonkey did not do it by default, but I wrote a 4 line script to do it...

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