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test mode application

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hi all,

where is possible to find and try the test application to do test mode for minidisc?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at all


You won't find it.

The proper (indeed almost the only) way to get into service mode is by button pressing.

For many units, you can solder a bridge together, but this is rather a pain, don't you think?

What unit are we talking here? What are you trying to adjust?


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Trying to fix a Hi-MD unit without all the gear is almost impossible. In particular there is an alignment disk you need (in fact 2, one for regular disks, one for 1GB disks). I don't have any. Without it if you (blindly) follow the directions in the service manual YOU WILL make the machine into something useless. I suspect that it (the disk) depends on some borderline recorded material to test the tolerances on the alignment, which is quite a standard method generally (nothing to do with MD at all).

I have spent quite some time carefully avoiding turning my MZ-RH910 into an expensive block of useless plastic, and I am still no closer to fixing the fault which it has had from the beginning.

Sorry to be so negative.


Update: what a coincidence.... today's the day I finally figured out how to adjust HiMD. Several posts attest to this.

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Patience, Sergio. As they say, Rome wasn't built in 1 day. I plan to write a fairly long description of what to do about Laser Power Adjustment, including a survey of the machines and manuals I can actually get my hands on (here).

Would you like to start by describing your problem in detail, please?

Don't worry about the language. Try to make a list (sequence) of things that you try and what happens.

One problem - I have never touched an NH1. But I think first you need to tell us what it does do, and what it doesn't.

It will help a lot if you have another HiMD machine that DOES work.

No rush, just try to explain what you do and what you see in very simple terms.

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Hi Stephen, sorry for delay.

I ve try my mz nh1; when i insert a md, he " think " a lot of time, later is all ok, some problem changin manually the track; he " think " for 10 second, from 3 track to infinite.

Connect to usb, with simple burner is fast.

Please, ask me what you think i must do :-)

Thanks a lot, sorry for my bad english

best regards


PS, i ve some md sharp wha aren't in the MiniDisc Equipment Browser and some manual, are you interest to receive photos of the object?

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Sounds like adjustment needed, to me. "Thinking" on HiMD is often because "stuff" happens when SonicStage needs to read all tracks that got deleted from the unit. In order to rectify DRM. Does it do this with a new disk?

Yes, on the info. But I don't control the browser, it's at another site.

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OK we're not out of the wood yet.

That's the symptom I had too. It worked fine.

The critical thing is the writing of the TOC.

Now you need to do some very simple tests with writing.

By "simple" I mean you have be very strict and ONLY do one thing at a time.

First test: take the NEW disk you tried (was it 80m or 1GB?) and use the buttons on the unit and/or remote to FORMAT the disk. DO NOT connect to USB, please.

Please tell me how that goes. Don't try any disk EXCEPT the one that was brand new.

BTW I am assuming that you can still read (play) disks that have been made a long time, it is only the new one(s) which causes a problem. You must tell me if this is not true.

Tell me how that works. I will have some more test when you tell me the result. Please don't try anything else... yet. It will get way too confusing.

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