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Minidisc player only that supports MDLP?

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I have a question. Is there a minidisc player only, not recorder, that supports discs that are recorded in MDLP? The reason I ask, my friend works in a place where you can have a radio or other music device while you work (even a cassette tape player), but not a device that connects to a computer in any way. So, no MP3 players, no cell phones, no CD players (recordable CDs). I thought a minidisc player would be perfect, but the two players I have, one is a NetMD with a USB port, and the player only model I have does not support MDLP so the discs don't hold a lot of music that is needed to get through an eight hour day. I've been searching online for a couple months, off and on, and the only player only devices I've found don't read MDLP discs. Anyone have any suggestions on a model that fits my needs? Thanks so much.

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Just a quick note: there are even (also) HiMD player-only units. The MZ-EH70 for example (basically anything that starts with EH) is rugged as all get out, and can play MDLP as well as all the HiMD modes. Of course then you will need a HiMD unit to make the disks, but the EH series will still be completely unconnectable to a computer, so satisfying your requirements. This means you can easily get 16 or 30 hours on a single 1GB disk for listening.

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Here for example:


You may find this page (which has that link in it) slightly more useful.


Even better if you can find someone to read Japanese as the translator on some sites doesn't work too well on these pages.

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