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Minidesk Decks and Recorders, rpicing info needed

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My father passed earlier this year. In his estate we have a number of different minidisc decks and recorders that he used while recording live concerts and mixing final cuts of tracks. I have been able to find new prices online for some of the items, and a few used. I was wondering if anyonewould know if these prices are correct, or how much these items could go for?

Thank you in advance,

Sony MDM-X4 Minidisc Multitrack Recorder - $139 BUYITNOW on EBay

Onkyo MD-2321 Minidisc Recorder - $374 new price from www.minidisc.ch

Sony MDS-JB920 Minidisc Player - $480 new price, $76 current on EBay

Sony MDS-JB930 Minidisc Player - $480 new price

Kenwood MD-203 Stereo Minidisc Recorder - $250 new price

Sony Minidisc Walkman (one with carrying case and adapter, one in original box with adapter and manual) - $300 new price, $75 used on Amazon

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The only one I would need clarification is the last... there were SO MANY varieties of Walkmen made (all MD Walkmen at that!) that varied in original price from under $100 to over $400, that we need to get the exact model number before we'd know if it was of great interest.

Some people here might indeed be interested in buying directly provided you (and they) are cool with that. For the MDM-X4 you might try to find out if this is a Mark II (2!) because the Mark II's are considerably fixed relative to the original.

And just in case you didn't find it yet...


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