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tracks peaking on mz-rh10

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If this is not a recording level (which is the simple answer of your problem) that could come from the level of tracks themselves.

When I record from my PC with foobar2000 (or any players) - always lossless files or at least 320 / 256 kbps MP3 - I apply the plugin named ReplayGain on all my tracks. Recording level of my deck is fixed at +0,0dB once for all.

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The sound on my RH-10 only sounds distorted at high levels if I have the sound EQ set with high bass...if you set the sound preset to "normal" you should never experience distortion. Basically just lower the first and second slider on the custom EQ a little. If this doesn't work than it is a recording problem, headphone problem, or unlikely, a problem with the unit.


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