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Asking for advice from experienced MD users

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Hello everyone,

I'm in a situation where I want to digitally convert a few old minidiscs to PC files. Most of the discs were recorded in LP (LP2).

What I would like to get is a deck, not a portable unit. And it got to have a digital output.

I figured minidisc decks with digital output that also support MDLP are significantly expensive. Also, I've been told to use an MZ-RH10 (RH1 maybe ?) but it looks like it transfers USB data, which I assume it cannot do for my discs ... (?). No idea about all that really.

I've put my hands on a cheap MDS-JE500 but then again, no MDLP support which is necessary for reading most (about 5 ?) of my discs.

What would you recommend me to do considering it's only for a few discs ?

Lots of confusion and ignorance here indeed.

Thanks for reading. Any help appreciated :)

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You should be able to get an MDLP deck with optical out without too much trouble.

I've listed them somewhere but here is a list of models that should not be TOO expensive:

MDS-JE640 (you can also convert an MDS-440, or an MXD-D40 or an MXD-D5C without too much trouble, to have optical out)



MDS-JE980 (this is on the upper end pricewise)

Also the MDS-PC3 is a wonderful machine. Solves many many problems.

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