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I have an MDS-JB930 MD recorder, and I am doing a CD synchro recording from my Sony CDP-CX455 400-disc CD changer through Control A1II. For whatever reason, CD-TEXT info cannot be transfered from my CD changer to my MD recorder, and my MD recorder says, "TEXTPROTECT", and won't transfer CD-TEXT data from CDs to MD. My older 5-Disc Sony CD changer did not have this issue with the same CDs I tried (that player sadly died recently).

I already tried the suggestion here with no luck:


Any ideas?

The MDS-JB930 makes no mention of the TEXTPROTECT error

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I got the same 400 disc changer and i expereienced the same thing.I tried that on the JB920 too and it showed up with "text protected"

The JB930 don´t display anything.Just as if there was no cable attached.

Remember to set the correct A1 on the Cd changer by entering the Menu.

I tried all possible ways and it doesn´t work at all.Could it be that it´s simply some kind of copy protection ? I once read about that..but i don´t remember correctly.

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I wouldn't say it is as if the cable is not connected, my JB930 properly inserts track markers from the CD and everything else EXCEPT transfer CD-TEXT data. And I do have control A1 enabled on my CD changer.

Perhaps it is a copy protection issue. I burn my FLACs to CD with Imgburn, and when I do, I have Imgburn pull CD-TEXT data from the FLAC Tags. I tried inserting CD-TEXT data with my own custom names, but I still get the error.

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it don´t matter what app you use to burn.

btw i recommend burrrn ;) free and does replay gain.

There is , for whatever reasons, a copy protection that gets written with the text. Nevertheless i know that a MDX3 and so on can do the job with the same source disc.

I gave up trying. I figured out that the oplder JB920 gets me a message " text protected" while the JB930 doesn´t. That´s what i meant by saying it acts like its not connected properly.

Iam not sure but i read somewhere that the copy protection didn´t came along right from the start when cd-text was released. SO it would be a try to get an older cd for testing purposes.

I´ll give it another try if i find any old sony music cd.


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I tried Imgburn and Nero separately. I don't know what you mean by bad characters. As a text, I burned public domain WAV files and named each TEST1, and TEST2. The disc is named TEST.

Still get the error no matter what I try. CDs that worked just fine with the Sony 5-disc changer do not transfer CD-TEXT to MD with my CD 400-disc changer.

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Have you looked at the binary image of the disk? Ie can you make an ISO image, then examine the file (with some nice editor, my favourite is JuJuEdit, but one of the products with Norton Tools may still be useful for looking at binary files).

Try to see if the characters are straight ASCII, UNICODE, UTF-8 or whatever. I'm betting that some of them have reversed byte sex (16-bit characters with possible byte-sex-mark at start which is IIRC FEFF).

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I just don't understand how public domain wav files would ever have protection for cd-text data, when they were not even encoded with cd-text data to begin with.

I think my issue has more to do with my 400-disc changer,since I never had this issue with the same discs on my 5-disc changer.

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i didn´t have time to test one more time. Did you set the Control A1 to A1 II? The Changer , we´re talking about the one that does play mp3 too ? , can be set up to both Control A1 I and A1 II .

Mine was bought in Germany and so was my JB930. so this won´t be a language problem. As there is a language code in the text information.

http://svn.libburnia-project.org/libburn/trunk/doc/cdtext.txt See that Page.

As far as my experience goes i never managed to burn a cd with sonic stage that DOES have cd text.

It also shouldn´t make a difference what soft is used as cd-text is a standard code.

I´m going to look after this once more this evening.


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As far as my experience goes i never managed to burn a cd with sonic stage that DOES have cd text.

I don't doubt that. But it IS possible. You have to enter the volume metadata, yourself, after clicking the rectangular button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen; if you do not, you'll get some weird confutation of gobbledygook numbers that might perhaps cause some CD-TEXT reading devices to barf :) Those I can see on my 400 disk changer, which is not the same as OP's.

I'm thinking the issue is that some devices are old enough that they only understand ASCII. If the burning software is newer, then it may burn what, to the CX455, are bad characters.

Perhaps this article is helpful:



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  • 1 year later...

One Question in advance.If one is doing a cd Sync recording "with" Cd text on whatever unit will the text be displayed at once at the Md Deck?

As if track 1 is being recorded and still playing does the Deck show the Title at once ?

OK i had another go on this with my 333ES Deck.


I experienced that when i set up the Changer  (CDP-CX455) to Control A1 II it does the Job as usual and puts the 333ES to rec/pause and so on.

Everything is fine except any popping up of Cd-Text nor any error message.

That should be the right config as the 333ES does have Control A1 II and the Changer does too.


Now.. if i set up the Changer to the earlier Control A1 and do a Cd-Sync recording the 333ES shows up "Text protected" ..

I don´t get why it  doesn´t show up that error when connected properly as stated in the manuals to Control A1 II.


Nevermind .. iam running out of ideas what to do. Anybody got an idea of what software to use to burn Cds? I usually use burrrn...

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Nero works pretty good. Certainly the CDText turns up on all devices I have tried.


If you put 000-,001-,002-,..... at front of names, Sonic Stage and other software is smart enough to delete the numbers when importing. Be sure to add leading zeroes so that they sort properly.

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To be clear i think about another programm that has more editing functions in terms of that cd text.

I usually use burrrn .. and thats the hell of a software.Very good and reliable.


But if it is true what you said about the ascii code / the  table of used letters in the code  then i should have to go that way by another programm where that could be set up.

At least iam hoping such ones do exist..


The manuals all refer to a specific <2m cable with a defined resistance for the control A1. My cable is <2m but about the resiatance idk.


Iam not giving up yet. There has to be way :help:


Anybody got a recommendation for a plain Sony Cd player with Control A1 ?

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