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Storage Solution 256 MDs per Unit!

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Hey guys i just wanted to share something I found yesterday.



i have been looking for a way to neatly store my somewhat large collection of minidiscs. as you know there weren't many options to begin with and today there are even less as most have been bought up. to add insult to injury, i no longer have any of the protective cases that came with my Minidiscs so most of the regular solutions wouldn't really work for me anyway.


then i found this:


http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/usa/html/onlineshop/rub/b00_3litreOrg.php       (updated link  Jan-21-2014) thanks sfbp  :good:


here is the UPC:




you can fit 16 MDs tall without cases. they will also fit sideways with the cases! (but i dont know how many)






total you can fit 256 MDs without cases in this arrangement!




hope this help someone out. they literally fit perfect in this thing and you will have 16 lil organizer boxes left over to store and organize other random whatnot. :)

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thats funny. here in the states they were never really popular. you could buy blanks at Best buy but that was about it. never really seen any books or shelf's for MD storage.

im surprised i found something that fit them so perfect. 17 MDs fit in each section easy, but i have trouble getting them out that way.

looking at these pics, i REALLY need to re-label these lil guys. they have been thru soooooo Much. they by far are the most durable Storage media.

my brother is studding in Japan right now. he said this store by his school has new blanks for $1 US ea. sitting next to VHS & cassettes. i told him to take pics for me. regardless im probably going to buy them all up. lol

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These are also available from amazon.ca and amazon.com. Quite the find, thanks!


They are awesome!


I will be getting a 2nd one soon to store all my blanks I've been buying up recently. I figure you can comfortably store 128 MDs with cases, (8 x 16) sideways with label facing out. Or 256 MDs with out cases stacked normally like in the picture in the OP (16 x 16).


technically you can fit more but They are hard to get out if do that.

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Whoops, there's something wrong here.


I just took delivery of two of these very nice items... but no way they are big enough to hold an MD, I think.


Did I make a mistake or did OP? These are clearly labelled 0.14l capacity boxes.


To make matters worse, one of the two arrived busted. Grrrrrr..... bad company at work, methinks. The linked-to boxes are exactly the same size as what I bought, and do not fit MDs at all.


The stated dimensions are 11" W x 8-13/16" D x 2-17/32" H. I checked and this appears to be accurate. So I think OP may have posted a bad link. In any event DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM.

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Followup: looks like this is the right one, 0.3l not 0.14l




And here:




So not really anyone's fault, merely a bad link.


These ones really do fit, I just got 'em at the local store. With cases, they hold 9x16

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Glad they fit and everything worked out! I'll be getting a second one soon as my collection of blanks is growing.


Not sure whats up with the link in the OP. I'll change it to the one in your post. I did post a actual picture of the UPC in the OP since we are all in different countries etc. wasn't sure what stuff would translate to? the UPC says "0.3 litre organizer"


I still haven't found a use for the little boxes yet Hah!

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