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NetMD W7 64-bit driver not working in W8.1

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Good evening folks,

I recently updated my computer to Windows 8.1 (64-bit), and I'm not sure that's the cause of my problem, but now the W7 64-bit driver won't work for my Net MD MZ-NF520D.

I re-downloaded the driver from this website () and tried to update it under my Devices screen in Control Panel.

But I got an error. Here's a screenshot of it:


Any idea what's happening here?


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Darn Stephen, I was thinking this was an excuse for us to upgrade to the latest OS for a new challenge! ;-)

Seriously though, I thing sfbp is right, setting the OS to ignore unsigned drivers temporarily should resolve the issue. Just Google how to disable signed driver requirements for W8.1

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Windows 8 (or 8.1) isn't as bad as people make out I think. It's definitley different, but Microsoft are rectifying the more "touch" and "tablet" aspects of it for desktop users, even in the newest update, 8.1 Update 1. They will also be bringing the start menu back in a later update, although you can do this already with a tool called Classic Shell, which I recommend, its incredibly configurable and customizable (there are others, but none match the scope of this one IMO). For me, 8.1 works essentially like Windows 7, and the Tiles and apps are like extra features, some of which are awesome. As for this problem, I also had it, which was resolved by the same method (disabling the os requirment for signed drivers, which I've left it disabled).

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