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KDL-42W705B Playing .VOB DVD Files Continuosly

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I have tried a couple DLNA media server prog's(Twonky and Serviio)and they work okay BUT how can I get the DVD files in each folder from my Windows 7 server to run continuosly, in other words without having to start the next .VOB file and without having to modifiy the contents of each DVD folder, for instance joining the .VOB files with an application as this would take forever, there has to be a way to do this.

Also after removing uninstalling Twonky I now have a dead Tab at the top of the page next to Serviio on the TV, how can I remove it?

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't think you even want to use DLNA to serve up VOB's. Way too much bandwidth for almost no return.

Invest some time and energy into ripping your DVDs into a compressed format (AVI/XviD or MKV/matroska for two well used examples), and serve those up instead. Saves space on your server too.

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