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Error EE on MZ-RH1

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I would guess that somehow he got into Service mode. Amazing, since I have only ever once succeeded myself with this particular model!


IF SO, then you are probably seeing "BE" not "EE". If so, removing the battery, and waiting 1 minute before re-insertion should get you out of service mode (make sure you are not connected to the USB/PC connector as well).

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You're right, there it is on p.20. It wasn't in the list of diagnostic error codes and I didn't see it in the text. As I surmised it's merely telling you you're stuck in service mode.


As long as he didn't actually change any settings it's probably safe to hope for the best and clear this error. However if it comes back after having no battery, you may well be stuck with a full alignment (this error code would be normal after a "911" reset). This is not so easy. Just doing a "resume clear" won't cut it..... probably there is work to be done filling in all the (non-defaulted) NVRAM values which the alignment ("Overall Servo Adjustment") generates.

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Your son must be an adult with access to the service manual and more (the manual itself does NOT have the codes to enter service mode) in the scenario we have been imagining here. It is almost impossible that this happened by accident.


The only other scenario is that someone innocently dropped it on the floor from a great height; or committed some other indignity such as filling it with food (ice cream?) and then washed it out - causing the death of some of the equipment inside the case. Nothing we can tell you is likely to help and the unit is likely dead forever in this case.


It would be best if whoever did this were to communicate with us directly themselves. If not possible (eg a 3-year old), please do try removing the battery.


After that, your best bet is to communicate with Sony since they appear to offer a "flat-rate" service for most repairs to this unit (still). Only a week ago someone in the UK reported that they had sent off an MZ-RH1 on this basis (payment only if successful). My deduction from this is that Sony has a stock of refurbished RH1's - they are way too expensive to repair otherwise.


This is one of the oddest reports I have ever read. But I lead a sheltered life.....

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I think that the deduction Sony has parts and refurb RH1 units stocked is about right.  Even if you look up some of the parts, you can see "part requested"/"part supplied" listings that show things like "internal only" when decoded.  I'm guessing they have few parts though, so they don't sell them to the public and only use them for warranty and pay-for repairs in their factory service centres.

That said OP probably doesn't even need parts just a new calibration done if the service menu values were erased.  I do find it hard to believe someone would get into that mode and erase data by accident though.


LOL @ the table thing though  :lol2:  I'm guessing OP's first language is not English.

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