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Can somebody upload a Japanese version of sonicstage?

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Can somebody upload a Japanese version of sonicstage 4.4? Or any version of japanese sonicstage and that I use for NetMD.


I need to get kanji titles to be displayed on my mc12elk and mc55elk on my mz-n1. I tried many many many methods and none worked. I am just so sick and tired of this...I wonder if someone has a Japanese version of sonicstage installtion file that I can have. I will just install a japanese version of windows XP on vmware and get japanese version of sonicstage on there....



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Look for X-Application and Mora, the version you probably want is 5.3. As far as the NetMD goes, are you sure that's what you really want? The biggest problem these days is that current computers don't support NetMD at all, so we had to come up with driver packages for Windows 7 (works on 8).




Edit: so as you don't miss Richard's post (below), I definitely got X-App working on XP. But that didn't help me much as my ability to read Japanese is non-existent, and the drivers I had at that time did NOT work on that computer (USB problem) with any device that X-App supported - so I gave up and took it off again.

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If would advise a copy of X-Application as this effectively replaced Sonic Stage V. However I don't believe it is compatible with XP. Are you able to install a JP copy of Vista or Windows 7 into a VM. Let me know, and I will see what I can do. If you do only have access to Windows XP I should have a copy of Sonic Stage V on an external HDD or possibly SS 4.x on a physical CD that came with the DH10P. I will have to dig around a bit.


Edit: I have just found Japanese copies of SS 4.3, 3.0 and I probably have a 2.x version somewhere. I'll let you know if I find SS V and if it is XP compatible.


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