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Very Obscure TDK Bit Club Minidiscs

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I didn't think it was possible that there were any more TDK Bit Club minidiscs out there. These are obscure as they come. The first disc was discovered in a bunch of used discs. The photos were pretty distant but I could see what looked like an early Bit Club shutter. However the disc looked rather plain apart from some design that I couldn't recognised. I cross referenced it with all the other Bit Clubs that I know of but nothing came close. It could have been a made up disc but for 500YEN it was worth the purchase. With anticipation I waited for the bunch of discs to arrive and was presented with the disc you see in the attachment. But how could a Bit Club disc come to be with a university logo on it? First reaction was that these discs weren't real, but what were they? Were they a TDK CLEF with a Bit Club shutter and the university logo stuck on the disc? Well the logo is actually printed on the disc so that cant be. Also, the disc is more transparent that a TDK CLEF discs and the 'INSERT DISC' icon and writing are different. The discs are definitely TDK as if you turn the disc over you see the 9 embossed dots in the centre bottom of the disc (that you get with all TDK discs). The shell of the discs seem to be the same as the 'Bit Fire' discs but of course without the flames.


A couple of months later I was lucky enough to obtain a 2nd disc in the same style, but this time with a different logo.


So were these a promotional item for the university? Or were they discs that you could only buy at the university? I've never seen anything like them. I've done various internet searches and found nothing. If anybody can shed any light on these discs then that would be great but unless you went to this uni in Japan in 2001 then I guess it may be another unanswered Bit Club question...





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Wow!  Nice find.  Have you tried contacting Meijo University directly?  They may be able to shed some light on the subject.  Maybe they've got some NOS discs hidden away in a cupboard that they would part with.  Perhaps there are more designs we haven't seen yet.  Interesting.  I'd love to get my hands on some of those!!

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Folks, when I was stationed in northern Japan and travel down to Tokyo back in the late 90's (1996 to 1999), the amount of minidisc's would made you cry! The selection was off the chart, both minidisc's, pre-recorded minidisc's, portable minidisc units (player and player/recorder), car decks, MD changer for vehicles and home decks.

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