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Problem in LCD TV

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Having an issue with my Sony KLV-BX320 model TV.





I had purchased a Sony KLV-BX320 in September 2012. In just two years the display has faulted completely. When I contacted the customer service centre they have asked Rs.13000/- for the repair which is almost half of the TV cost.

The customer service center says there are three possible reasons why a TV display might get faulty which are as follows: 1. Current Fluctuation 2. Power socket issues 3. TV main being on always. All these three reasons are not being done as I use a stabiliser as well as have proper power sockets at home. The TV gets switched off evertytime after use.

Hence I am just not able to figure out if just two years is the life of a Sony TV, then what is the brand assurance that a customer can get.

Kindly tell me what can be done as paying almost half the price for repair of a two year old TV is totally bad and gives a bad impression on Sony products.

If required I can give the photoscanned copy of  the Bill of the TV purchased along with the warranty voucher


Thank you.



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What's the rating of the TV in terms of what mains power it's supposed to be plugged into?


What's the voltage of your actual mains?


For example, Japan has 100V so if you bought the TV there, it may not run very well if voltage is 120V (USA/Canada) even though the plugs fit.


I see you are in India, check that your TV is rated for 230V (I checked wikipedia so don't yell at me if wrong).

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