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Yes the NH700's a great, reliable workhorse unit (mine's still going strong after 11 years, no problems). The jog dial's much better (less stiff) on the NH700 than the NH600 mentioned above and overall has more of a quality feel than the NH600.


Very decent sounding when used with good earphones (I use Sennheisser CX300) and a bit of EQ tweaking. I added an FM/AM radio remote (RM-MC37LT) which effectively turns it into an NHF800. These remotes occasionally pop up on eBay etc, in fact there's one listed tonight.


Haven't used it for recording but I believe you can upload your analogue Hi-MD recordings to PC via Sonicstage,


Anyway hope you enjoy yours. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Recieved the unit today, havn't had much time with it as been out with the girlfriend enjoying the sunshine. *shakes fist* damn you, life! (i joke)


So far it seems pretty cool though. i have no Hi-MD discs to test, and I may or may not get any, dont know yet. Are they worth it?


Tested it as a data drive and transfered a few things, and that went fine, so i will test some music at some point.

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The 1Gig Hi-MD discs may be worth it if you've got anything but a small collection you want to put on. I've filled up 40 so far at LP2 quality, and wouldn't go any lower than 105kbps for music.


Then again I'm not sure how much the 1G discs go for these days, it's not worth paying silly money for them. Don't forget you'll get 300MB on an 80 minute standard disc, which is effectively double what you get with non Hi-MD.

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