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Blu-MD and what could have been...

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Hi, first time I've been back in a while...


The other day I started ruminating on what MD might have looked like today if Sony had kept at it. This is what I imagine:

1. The name would be Blu-MD. Basically all the capability of a Blu-ray but with diminished capacity, just like Hi-MD was a smaller CD.

2. Sound could be stored and played as DSD files (like an SACD), video would also be possible.

3. Titling... what was sorely missing, IMO, was the ability to have various accents on letters. Modern technology should also make foreign language support a snap. Make the firmware updateable if you need a new language (or just have them all on there in the first place, how hard can it be when memory is so cheap?). Allow directly attaching a keyboard to any unit via USB or Bluetooth.

4. No copy restrictions - fat chance, just thought I'd mention it.

I know Sony has a portable DSD player now. Solid state just seems to pack a lot more data, but spinning media can be quite convenient.

What do you think?

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Hi peter 

I think if the internet had been around much earlier for the many say around 98 then we could have saved it but most folk only got the internet in a meaningful way non dial up around 2005 so we hadn't got the means to communicate that it was worth preserving 

this Walkman they have now is much better sounding across the board and am unsure if the mini disc would have been able to keep up 



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well 32 gb flash dont cost much so I doubt it would have suvived long? even in some quarters think that blu ray dvd had their days since the younguns use streaming and mobiles ( = low quality) .

the shame is sony they didnt include their old atrac software into the latest solid state devices to allow minidisc to migrate easily

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Semi related question:

Can anyone here comment on the SQ of the ZX2 walkman playing a straight PCM rip of a CD vs the same CD recorded onto a 1GB Hi-MD disc played back on an MZ-RH1?

I had an RH1 for a few years and it was the best sounding portable I'd ever owned. Through EX700 IEMs it was bliss playing PCM.

I've since gone back to my old standard MD units since selling the RH1 due to job loss a few years ago. I'm now planning/saving to get a superior portable in the next couple of years again..should I go back to the good ol RH1 or will the ZX2 give me equal or greater SQ on PCM? Or is it purely subjective? Hmmm

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