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MZ-RH1 on windows 10

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Hello , On my previous windows 8.1 sonic stage ande RH-1 did work fine,

After upgrading to windows 10 ..... problems....

Pc sais, no drivers found,

I downloaded   NETMD 052 & NETMD 760 from this site but without any luck,

Does any one has a clue how to proceed?


thanks  from The Netherlands

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HEllo Azwris,

I wanted do do that too , but actually windows 10 worked fine except for sonic stage,

I will try to reinstall again , but the problem is that if I connect the Rh1 windows doesn't recognize it and says there are no drivers for it ( does it need a driver as far as you know?)

thanks for your reply!

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You have to disable driver signing. It's been written down in many places. I think it's something like Shift-Start in W10. But the common technique to all versions of Windows after XP is to hit <f8> during boot and look for something that allows you to turn it off temporarily.

There's one more issue yet here. The "DISC MODE" of your RH1 is important, and is either MD or Hi-MD. This is the mode that the computer will see when the unit has NO disk in it. If you only use HiMD formatted disks then you have no problem, set the DISC MODE to Hi-MD and be happy.

However if you need NetMD for uploads and so on you will need the 64-bit NetMD driver from our downloads section.

I'm guessing your RH1 is defaulting to MD "DISC MODE".

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