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FREE minidisc recorders and lots of discs

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One Sharp (can't remember if this one is a recorder), two Sony, one JVC. Over 100 discs, might be nearer 200, some new and unopened, lots recorded with rock/prog rock. Is there anyone in the UK near to postcode WF6 in West Yorkshire interested in them? Must be able to collect, as I won't be posting this lot. I would like them to go to someone who is still an enthusiast or a collector. I can give more details, but I think the right person would want them without the details. Moving house so they have to go.


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2 hours ago, PhilippeC said:

I am also the right person and I even live right now much closer than NGY from you : Vietnam

Hah! Where next? New Zealand? :) 

Just in case anyone missed it: 'Must be able to collect, as I won't be posting this lot.' 

If I still have them when I have finished moving house and workshop, I'll consider packing them up, but no chance until we are settled in.

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I*m from indonesia, perhaps the only owner of MZ-RH910 here. Heck perhaps im the only person who have a working HI MD unit in the whole country.

Minidisc of any kind is never officially sold here in my country. I bought mine second hand and that almost cost me my entire month salary ( unit only )

Then i spend some more to get the remote RM MC33EL and gumstick batteries. 

I'm tempted to make my own gumstick battery charger using old nimh AA charger. 

I would like to find another MZ-RH series... which i can afford and perhaps minidisc blanks... againt not readily available here.

I would buy one or take it if anyone selling or giving away their MZ-RH ( or any HiMD for that matter ) i will pay for packing and shipping of course... heck, i'll buy you lunch for your effort if u want it.

To be honest being an employee at 3rd world country i only make laughable amount of cash ( 500USD a month ) LOL... so yeah please if anyone feels like selling them or giving em away. i wont resell it ever. it would be on my display, connected to my stereo system or my headphones.

My other player is Sony D-NE1, its been with me since 2003, alive and kicking.


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