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Getting rid of my Minidisc Gear :(

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Long story short, I need to get rid of most if not all of my Minidisc gear. :(

Not sure where this should be posted but I figured Id see if there is any interest here. Id much rather sell to true MD enthusiast for reasonable prices than to Ebay snipers that will mark up and re-sell it.

so here is what I have:

over 100 Blanks, new still in shrink wrap. (60/70/80min no Hi-MD)

over 200 used MDs, with Music on them. (60/70/80min no Hi-MD) mostly Drum&Bass but other Electronic/Abstract Genres. some 90s Hip hop & Metal as well.

MZ-M200 (same as RH-1) - good condition, fully functional, battery holds a good charge and has a nice an bright screen. comes with charger

2 x MXD-D3 - one new in box, one used in excellent condition. (no remotes, Manuals, etc)

2 x MZ-R50 - one new in box, one used and only comes with generic charger (no battery, etc)

MZ-R90 - from Japan, Near mint in box.

Many other portables some from Japan some from USA, various remotes 2 having backlights. New Sony & used generic gumstick batteries to go with them.

If there is a real interest I can take several pictures, so let me know if you are interested?


















New Blanks




Used MZ-R50




Used MZ-R37




Used MZ-E900




Used MZ-E50












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Thanks for the replies.


OK, I see there is interest. I will try to get some good pictures up ASAP.

As far as prices go I figure buyer would pay shipping to keep things fair? just offer me something reasonable that you can afford for the items you want. worst I can say is "no" right?

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