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JA33ES Info

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Hi MD lovers

   i am looking for information about the Sony JA33ES model, there is very little information on the net except for the brief description on the md community page. There are no reviews on the net either. How does the JA33ES stack up against the JA555ES,  JA333ES or JA50ES ?

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It is not clear where is the JA33ES among the others. Let us say it is just under JA555ES and that it has like the JA555ES an "analog" sound. JA50ES is consider being more "analytic" than the JA555ES. JA333ES is the alien among them being the only MDLP (not typre R) unit.

Clearly a good choice if you can buy it. 

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True, the 333ES isn't Type S. But despite that, its LP playback quality exceeds that of some Type S units (in particular, the MXD-D400); at least to my ears it did. I can only imagine how great a Type-S enabled 333ES would sound. I agree with Philippe, though, that listening through a Type R MD deck is MD at its best. I'm very eager to have my now-working JA22ES returned to me so that  can start doing just that.

As for the 33ES, I care not to speculate too much. Perhaps it is a kind of "333ES Lite"?

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yes i did the same back then as well.....wasnt sure at that time if the 333ES or the 50ES is better

anyways very happy with my 50ES.........the headphone output can easily drive a sennheiser HD650 and Audeze LCD3 with ease. And it compromises nothing! very impressed with what sony did with the 50ES. Quality equal to headphone amplifier costing 2k. 

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