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David Cameron memoires recorded on MiniDisc.

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Technically, MD is not unhackable, of course. However, its general lack of connectivity makes it more secure than say, a file on your computer. For example, I could record an 80-minute, 59-second fiasco of a diatribe about any given topic without fear of its being intercepted or otherwise discovered unless the actual physical medium left my control. And even then, someone would have to know what a minidisc is! ;-)


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10 hours ago, KJ_Palmer said:

MD recordings certainly would be directly editable, up to a point. May be some one 'forgot' to tell.him.

CD-R may have been a better choice?

Unfortunately when you make a CD-R the computer ends up with much of the data scattered across the hard disk. Unless you happen to have one of the rare standalone CD recorders which are IMHO a real pain to use.


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