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MZ-R55 fried

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Presumably it depends on what damage was done. If the charging circuits (only) are messed up, then Philippe is right, and certainly worth a shot.

I would tend to think that application of 6V might have had other effects. In this case nothing short of major disassembly and analysis is going to work. It does seem likely, on reflection, that even 6V probably did not blow up anything more than the very first stages of the power supply. Bravo Philippe for thinking outside the box!

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First I plugged the AA battery pack (as you suggested). It did not seem to work then I felt a slight stench of burn. Then I connected the original power supply and after a few seconds the minidisc turned on. It seems to work all to perfection now.

Yet I remember when I plugged him into a cheap 6V power supply five years ago,
and the snap I heard came from the recorder with a little cloud of smoke ...  I do not know what happened but I'm happy to be able to use my MZ-R55 again.

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I suggest you open your unit just in case to look at where this old smoke is supposed to come from. Sure you will need to clean something inside with an air sucker (the gentle kind one).  Maybe this was only some plastic parts... Very tiny burnt parts could stop your unit one day or the other.


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