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Choice of MD microphones

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On 10/19/2017 at 3:44 AM, mimarsinan said:

Also next question: What mike do you recommend (stereo) for use with the MZ-RH1?

The big problem with standard mikes is they will require power and there isn't much coming out of the MD.

1. The Sony "typical" ECM-DS70P - $30 if you look on Amazon. No power required.

2. ECMMS907 - A step up but takes an AA battery inside it (weight!)

3. Binaural BMC-SP2 or their equivalent. Great for concerts where they look a lot like earphones. No power.

4. Build yourself a battery box and use any mic that it will work with, and LINE IN. This is a trick for MD units with no microphone socket but you may find it helpful depending on your application.

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You probably don't want to exercise the option of putting it straight in the MD, the retail version should come with a short cable (3.5mm F->M extension). I don't need to tell you how careful you have to be with the choice of cable:

1. Light and flexible enough so that it's difficult to jerk the jack strongly, thereby breaking it

2. Perfect conductivity - ie gold plated connectors.

Time to put this in another thread.

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Not particularly the RH1, it's the last in a long line of MDs. You might want to see if you can find a USB cable with a very flat profile that will allow you to connect it to USB and still be flat on the table. They exist but are hard to find.

Batteries are a problem. Learn the best strategy for caring for your Li-Ion battery. Try to order a spare one soon; and keep it charged (about 60% is the recommendation).

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