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MDS-JA20ES or MDS-JE770?

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Hey guys, lurking around I've seen a lot of talk about the MDS-JA20ES being great. However, the later models such as the MDS-JE770 don't get mentioned as much on here.

I've recently come into one of each (and by "come into", I mean "purchased on eBay within 7 days of each other") and am trying to figure out which to use as my main recording deck. I'm assuming the JA20ES as it's ES, but just want to confirm with the many experts here as I'm a relative amateur.


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Thanks a lot, that's what I figured. I know both are Type-R but I understand that the components within the 20ES are of a higher quality/performance. 


 I was jus thinking that maybe the JE770, being a later model, might have some sort of benefit (other than MDLP, which I'm not really interested in anyway)

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It (the MDS-JE770)'s one of the only decks that supports M-Crew (given a suitable PC with a CDROM). You must have a real copy of XP, though, as Virtual XP will never work for the digital extraction from CD. Earlier ones didn't have it except in Japan, later ones either had keyboard but no USB, or USB built in which is also a pain.

Until and unless we get the gracenote fiasco sorted, none of these will find song titles unless they're already on the CD.

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