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MD Editor software?!

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Hello all,

i have recently bought a Sony MDS-PC2 with the connection kit PCLK-MD2 (CAV-50C, see here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_PCLK-MD1+MD2.html). But there's the CD missing which contains the MD Editor 2 software.

Now I have searched the internet everywhere for this software (and others) to be able to edit the titles on minidiscs using this Sony and a computer - but to no avail. is there anybody that can help?

Many thanks in advance!


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Have you had a look in the Downloads section? (Tab at the top of this page)

I have no clue - but is this something different to SonicStage? There is some stuff called M-Crew in Downloads too, it that it?

Sorry... Stephen will be here is a minute to give you the proper answer.


Poooof... as if by magic...

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Thanks for the quick answers. I have installed Mcrew, but this would not install on my Win10 machine. Also installed SonicStage, but as soon as I start this, an error occurs (also after a reboot).

So I have powered up an old Windows XP sp3 virtual machine and installed both programs. M-crew installs, but as soon as I start the program an error occurs (some DLL is missing it reports). SonicStage is working on XP, but I can't find any way to connect to my MD. 

What I would like to do is edit the TOC of my minidisc. I understand I do not need the CD, but only the program or a replacement. 

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41 minutes ago, KeesNL said:

M-crew installs, but as soon as I start the program an error occurs (some DLL is missing it reports)

If I remember correctly, M-Crew is looking for the CAV-MN10 interface - that is an USB box, and as such, it needs the appropriate dll-s installed.

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Neither SonicStage nor M-Crew will talk to the PC2. You can get SonicStage working nicely on Windows 64 (or 32) but the problem is your device doesn't speak either PS/2 (M-Crew) or USB (Sonic Stage). Sorry!

I *think* maybe the Onkyo stuff still supports Ctrl-A1 II, but not sure if their flavour is compatible with the Sony (SIRCS) variety. Everything changed so fast as the world evolved to new standards such as USB 2.

*IFF* all you need is good track titling, what about the remote with keyboard, the RM-D10P?


At least the MDS-PC2 has lots of input and output, though the review Gyula linked to seems to indicate optical input might be a bit of a nuisance. Perhaps that's one thing that's better in 2020.

No real experience with the MDS-PC2. I have its successor, the PC3 and it works really nicely.


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Thanks sfbp! This article has a link to the local archive and I was able to download the MD Editor 2 software from there. I tried to install it on Windows 10 (in XP compatible mode) but without success. So I got back to my previous mentioned virtual XP machine and I was able to install the software. Because I do have a serial port on my computer and I did already shared this port with my virual machine (software for my old Philips Pronto is also using the serial connection and does not work stable in Windows 10) the software is working. The interface is a bit hard to understand, but it works!

So all you need is the software, a windows XP machine with a serial port and you are good to go.

Thanks all for your help.

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