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MZ-R55 button problem

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Hi folks, new to the forum.

I have a MZ-R55 which is working, however the mode and display buttons on the unit don't appear to be working. Other buttons work fine (currently) but i'm wondering if there's a common problem and if it can be rectified?

Thanks for any help :)

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Oh of course, I’m pleased it still plays faithfully, and I could find a replacement if needed. Just wondered if it’s something easily fixable.

I have tried using lithium batteries too but it still won’t play ball with those two buttons.

Thanks again for the replies!

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If the problem is in the remote then it's contact resistance. the way different commands are sent us by varying the resistance seen by the unit. but if it happens without remote then it could be the buttons. there is a service procedure but since normally you use buttons then you have to get into SM by soldering a bridge. it could be general powersupply adjustment. start the main adjustment (don't do the 911 reset or you might be up the creek) and stop as soon as the voltages look right. don't tweak anything you don't need to.

you will need a regulated power supply for the calibration. maybe someone can lend you one....

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