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MZ-NE410 turns off when lid is pressed

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Hey all,

Recently came across a NetMD MiniDisc player (MZ-NE410) and was having some trouble with it. While it does work and plays discs fine, it seems to have a problem staying on. Whenever even a bit of pressure is put on the lid of the player (whether there be a disc in it or not), the unit shuts off. I thought it was a problem with the battery compartment but after trying multiple batteries and different methods, this phenomenon only seems to only happen when putting pressure on the lid.

Any ideas?


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There will probably be an actuator somewhere ie a bent piece of the case metal, that presses a switch. Maybe this is bent slightly so it slips off the switch with a bit of pressure? Or is there anything fouling the mechanism that could cause the motor to be impeded (the motor stall current may be enough to drop the battery voltage too low which makes the electronics reset). So have a look round to see if mechanically anything looks out of true. 

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Thanks for the suggestion. I opened the player up and it actually seems like the problem was a loose solder joint on the positive battery terminal. Don't have any solder right now but I used some aluminum foil to bridge the gap and it seems to work. Getting some false low battery messages though so I'll probably over that joint with solder later on.

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