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VAIO VPCSE2C5E - fan too loud!

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The fan of the VAIO is making a noise like a hair dryer.

I have already done the following things:

- Fan and heatpipes cleaned with compressed air
- Dismantled the bottom plate and also carefully blown everything out there
- all drivers are up-to-date and no errors / exclamation marks in the device manager


- INTEL i7-2640M with 2.80 GHz
- 8 GB RAM (2 x 4 GB)
- 256 GB SSD (4 x 64 GB) in the RAID 1, stripe set
- BIOS version R2087H4 (did not find anything newer ...)
- Bluetooth, webcam, keyboard with backlite
- 2 graphic cards
- INTEL HD Grapics 3000
- AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series
- Docking station, fan turns independent of dock always so high / loud

Windows 10 pro, 64 bit, version 1903 with .418 patch
Office 2010 or 2016, the fan is already making noise at the start of Word, Excel ...

What else can I do to make this fan quieter?
In the BIOS are no settings and all the tips and tricks from Google and co. found, were not successful ...

I'm attaching a photo of the SSD, have never seen such a construction
Anyone around to explain me this kind of SSD drive pls.

And pls pardon my bad english... :-(

Thankful for every tip


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Time to get Process Explorer (it's free) and see if there's some program or service gone mad. If so then the noise is telling you something - excess heat is being generated.

If not, there must be a software problem with fan support. You could check the BIOS settings. Despite having a VAIO section here, we really don't know much about these machines. You might be better on a specialised VAIO site or PC site.

Good luck!

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